It's a good day to be Jax, really.
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You all know what time it is, it says so at the top of the entry. So why do I constantly have the urge to say "it's such-and-such a time"?

There's a fellow here who reminds me a LOT in appearance of Caleb. His name is Charles, he's got a bushy red beard, and while I was watching Maia for a couple hours for Grr he wandered over. He's heartbroken.

He's also flirting something terrible. *wry grin* I told him he had to ask permission to play with me (which yes, is kind of a cop-out but dammit, he was seriously depressed and I was trying to finish my whiskey-and-tea so I could make more, tea that is)... err. I think I lost myself. We'll try this again, hm?

A fellow named Charles will likely be approaching Ryan at some point to ask if he can borrow Ryan's toy. I would for a lot of reasons be quite OK with a verdict of 'no, she's MINE'. Heh, if nothing else, I want Ryan to get all posessive again. It makes me warm and tingly.

Fish, I was talking with him or, to be more exact, listening to him and offering hopefully-helpful advice on the subject of his current Love Lost. *shruggles* The more I like my life, the more it confuses me when other people seem to purposely throw theirs on the rocks over unimportant details. And yes, I DO like my life. I'm about as healthy as someone with my setup can be, I've got people who love me and people I love, people who care about me and people I care about... I get laid, I get snuggled, and I most certainly get to have a good time in the process.

Right now I'm listening to "Strawberry Gashes" and being once again stunned that Ryan doesn't see this as a happy song... it's so pretty and it leaves my blood racing and my entire body trembling with the need to touch him. *shrugs again*

"...she said 'feels fine' it's wonderful wonderful here... ...pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over, all over...'re living like a disaster..."

Cheerful. *shrugs a third time*

Fish, I've got a mug of mostly-tea (since when I mostly-drank the whiskey concoction I filled it back up with highly-sugared tea) that I'm sipping slowly, listening to music, with a new background sparkling into nothing and clouds on the desktop, music pulsing through me...


I saw Angel recently. Ryan will be home in a few hours. Caleb will be calling tonight. Kadin was down for a week. All in all, I think I've got a good life, y'know. Heh, and now "Out Comes The Evil" is playing quite cheerfully as well. *poing* "...half a pound of heroin, half a pound of treacle..."

*poings off to finish her tea*

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