...grace? Try cold fury and unending hunger.
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There are Evil Construction People with painfully agonizingly horribly loud creaky screeching clanging terrible noises damn near outside the window. As I type this there are earplugs firmly planted in each ear, and I can STILL hear the din. These things block out Ryan's snoring, the kidlets screaming... the window is CLOSED even, and dammit, they are LOUD out there. Gah. I have a small row of pills sitting before me, and I intend in a moment to take them. By the end of an hour I should be Out Cold, assuming I remember to actually stop goofing online at the end of said hour and go curl up in bed instead of typing. *blink*

I've been catching up on things, killing time while waiting for the freaking computer to stay functional long enough to download Furc. The universe, incidentally, hates me... Nreshan, is there any chance that you'd be willing to download the .exe and pass it along to me? When I try to download it straight I get about half way through and then the connection dies. *twitch* No, I am NOT a happy Jax regarding this fact - I'd planned to be IN Furc by Monday. *twitches again*

The sides of my tongue are horrid swollen and very painful, as are the insides of my cheek. My last seizure left me this way... apparently biting the hell out of one's mouth is normal. Doesn't make it fun, trust me. I can barely stand to talk, eating is agony, and there are not enough painkillers in the world to make it stop hurting. Which, not so incidentally, is why the bottle of Green is lined up in the Medicinal Row here. I REALLY need more sleep and as far as I can see, drugging the heck out of myself is about the only way I've got right now. I would KILL for a pawful of valium or even a few more ama... actually, no. No more amatryp. since I am inclined to blame it for my seizure. *shrugs* I'd been having such a wonderful couple weeks, sleeping soundly every night, not over-stressed... and yeah. Apparently the price I pay for three weeks of peace and comfort is a few days of hell. Unfair, but then, so's most everything else.

Bink is baking punkin' spice cake goodness and apparently Grr is the Final Say regarding who gets some. If there's any left when I wake up again I fully intend to beg and grovel - I stole a fingerful of batter and DAMN but that's yummy. I'm going to get a copy of the recipe and post it here, since it's a fairly simple mix and promises to be one of the best punkin-things I've had in years. *poing* That's always been my favorite part of fall: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin loaf, pumpkin soup, pumpkin stew, baked pumpkin, broiled pumpkin, roasted pumpkin.... ahhhhhh. *drools* Sorry, just a tad hungry for the orange goodness. *blinks again*

Anyway, now that I've yawned and drooled and pointed out that not-a-finger has updated again, I'll be wandering off. If anyone is trying to get ahold of me know that a) I WILL be sleeping and b) I do NOT want to be woken up for anything short of armageddon or godiva.

*pads off, stretching sleepily*

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