Stick And Bucket Dance?
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Wheeee! I get to play the Pharmacy-Doctor game yet again.

Latest update: Walgreens is faxing another request for verification to the clinic where one of the doctors on-call will sign off on it, and they'll see if that does the trick.

Lady_jax_raven: *finds no inspiration, debates just causing mischief*

Daemon-Sha: Hrm?

lady_jax_raven: *prods you with a stick*

Daemon-Sha: *Explodes*

lady_jax_raven: *blinks again, looks for a towel*

lady_jax_raven: *finds one, mops you up, stretches*

Daemon-Sha: *Respawns and looks around*

lady_jax_raven: *waves the stick threateningly*

Daemon-Sha: *Eyes widen and he simply approaches You and submits fearfully*

lady_jax_raven: *grins, tossing the stick past you, over your head*

Daemon-Sha: *kisses the toes on both Your feet*

lady_jax_raven: *points at the stick* Fetch.

Daemon-Sha: *Pads off quickly in the direction of the thrown stick, spotting it and leaning down to pick it up in his mouth*

lady_jax_raven: *the stick sprouts six tiny legs and skitters away as you approach it*

Daemon-Sha: *Growls and slams a paw down on it before it gets away*

lady_jax_raven: *the stick, squeaking loudly, is unable to escape... although a vine snakes off of one end and wraps itself tightly around your paw*

Daemon-Sha: *BLinks, looks over his shoulder at You, shaking his paw violently*

lady_jax_raven: *seems perfectly content to watch you try to dislodge the stick, which is growing its way up your arm*

Daemon-Sha: *Puts his other paw on the stick to give himself leverage to try to yank the first paw away with, watching carefully for another vine while he does so*

lady_jax_raven: *while you keep your eye on the stick for a new vine, the old vine splits, one tendril hooking your second paw, binding the two together... and bursting into bloom*

Daemon-Sha: *Hobbles over to You, looking up at You silently, eyes huge and wide, offering the stick...fetched as per Your order*

lady_jax_raven: *applauds, reaching down... the moment her hand touches the stick it falls away from you, vines, flowers, and feet all disappearing in a puff of sweet-smelling smoke* Good boy.

Daemon-Sha: *Nuzzles at Your legs, grateful for the praise*

lady_jax_raven: *scritches the back of your neck* I love you, pet.

Daemon-Sha: *mewls at You contentedly. Then glares at the stick.*

lady_jax_raven: *three tiny eyes pop out of the staff and glare back at you*

Daemon-Sha: *Swats it*

lady_jax_raven: *the stick goes flying, landing with an undignified honk against the far wall... she looks down at you, tsking* Fetch.

Daemon-Sha: *Pads off again obediently, placing a paw down on the stick and waiting for it to cling to him again*

lady_jax_raven: *the stick is completely motionless... other than the six eyes that are now looking at you rather disdainfully*

Daemon-Sha: *Places his paw over top of the eyes while he picks up the stick in his mouth*

lady_jax_raven: *by the time the stick is in your mouth the eyes have converted to a grand total of twelve tiny mouths... all of which are now firmly fastened to your paw, drawing blood in a couple places*

Daemon-Sha: *Hobbles back over to You, urgently now, looking up at You pitifully and whimpering*

lady_jax_raven: *tsks again, this time at the stick, which releases its holds and somehow squirms out of your mouth, falling to the floor between you and the Lady*

Daemon-Sha: *Offers his paw to You, whimpering softly, burying his head against Your legs*

lady_jax_raven: Poor boy... *a small scrap of cloth is drawn from her pocket, then bound over the tiny bitemarks, somehow soothing them.

Daemon-Sha: *mewls at You quietly, holding his paw close to him as he kneels up to You again*

lady_jax_raven: *settles you snugly against her, letting you snuggle and rest for the moment*

Daemon-Sha: *Rests, inasmuch as he does not move, but keeps his eyes open, watching the treachorous stick*

Lady_jax_raven: *pets you gently, seeming highly amused by your attentiveness, particularly after the stick sprouts a good twenty tiny legs and scoots toward you*

Daemon-Sha: *Swats the stick away before it gets close, looking up at You and waiting to see if he is ordered to go get it again*

.......yes, I'm being muchly amused.

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