Enough is enough.
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I'm going to lay my side of it out here, as calmly as I can, where I'm not being interrupted and not interfering with any of the things that demand your attention.

I don't doubt for a moment that all of this is happening exactly as you say it is. I know how royally fucked-up that Triton thing is from my own experiences with it, it's an evil pos that wouldn't work if you paid it. MSN is a bitch and will crash anything it can. I'm sure there is some reason that WC3 won't work on your new gaming laptop; I'd thought you were using the new laptop at home with it before, but apparently I had misunderstood, and for whatever reason, it's not working, and that's Blizzard's fault, not yours.

The thing is, all of this, I find out after the fact. After I've asked, or told, or demanded, that you contact me in x fashion. Rather than, when something fails, you finding another way to contact me... oh, let's take this most recent example. If you had called, when you discovered MSN crashed. Said 'MSN's not working for me, I'm sorry, I'll deal with it after the raid'. COOL. I wouldn't have logged on to find the one order I gave disobeyed. Or another example. If after being told repeatedly 'get wc3 installed before I get back to California' you had tried, I would have known before I got back that you were having problems, and I would have been patiently waiting. Instead, I find out, several days AFTER I'd expected you to have it installed, that you hadn't managed to find the time to go and get it, and so now? Who knows when it'll work.

AIM has, for several days now it seems, been refusing to work despite my repeated requests that you try to get it working. Now, suddenly, when it actually interferes with your guild time? You have it fixed in what, five minutes?

I feel as if through all of this, there have been opportunities for you to have said something, ANYTHING, to have made sure that I viewed these as indeed, unfortunate accidents. Instead it comes across as laziness. Inattentiveness. Tricks. Please, take a clear look at this - can't you see why it is starting to build into a serious problem, one that I am now forced to react to by, as you put it, 'childishly' doing the ONE thing that seems to produce any results? Nothing else has made any difference, but the moment I interfere with your guild time? Suddenly you fix things.

I agree, apparently there is a terrible amount of miscommunication somewhere. I think, however, that in this the fault really is yours - I have, all along, made it clear exactly what I want, what I expect. Nowhere in this have you made any attempt to keep me from being disappointed. Repeatedly, you have both failed to obey the simplest of requests, and failed to give me any warning, or explanation, until after I am already disappointed and even furious, despite having the opportunity to do so.

Please. Explain to me why this isn't your fault. Tell me why you have been unable to either obey or to in some way provide acceptable reasons before they ended up sounding like inacceptable excuses thought up at the spur of the moment. Convince me that somehow this is my misunderstanding.

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