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So yes, I'm still working on the Shadow Tarot. The total number of cards is getting pretty respectable at this point; I'm over halfway easily, and still enjoying the project. There are some cards I'm only so-so pleased with as art pieces, and some which I think need a rework on the definitions... but in general, it's turning into something I can be proud of. Again, if anyone is interested in the final, finished deck, I'll be providing a zip file with all the cards, a printable reference booklet, and a file with printing directions. All you'll have to do is take 'em to kinkos or some such and have them printed. I might also see about printing up several sets on good cardstock, laminating them, printing up the booklets and hand-decorating them as well as laminating the cover, signing the booklet, and packaging the whole thing in a hand-decorated box, then selling them. If nothing else, I could take them to some of the local 'new age' or pagan stores around here and see if they'll sell them for me. *grin* It'd be nifty to know that people were actually using them. Anyway, on to the card list!

One - The Traveler
Two - The Puppets
Three - The Performer
Four - The Patient Student
Five - The Vortex
Six - The Gatekeeper
Seven - The First Kiss
Eight - The Initiate
Nine - Forbidden Love
Ten - Enchanter's Overflow
Eleven - The Inheritor
Twelve - The Runaway
Thirteen - The Thief
Fourteen - The Siren
Fifteen - The Mecha's Mistress
Sixteen - The Mermaid
Seventeen - Dreamer's Tears
Eighteen - The Guide
Ninteen - The Prophet
Twenty - Ways Between Worlds
Twenty One - The Biting Fairy
Twenty Two - The Dryad's Game

Twenty Eight - The Sacrifice, v.1
Twenty Eight - The Sacrifice, v.2
Twenty Nine - The Sculptor's Workshop

Card Backs

No, I'm not creating them in numerical order; I just make each card as the idea hits and the stock I look at suggests a good way to illustrate it, and number 'em based on what number looks best with that particular card design.

There are two versions of 28, one with the original photo, which is a nude girl, and a second, clothed-ish version in case you prefer all the cards be kid-friendly. I intend to continue to make two versions for any other cards depicting nudity; which versions you use are, of course, entirely up to you. If I do the premade-and-signed sets for sale, they will be with the clothed versions, of course, but will include contact information to request the original card versions sent for just the cost of shipping.

The deck is designed to be printed in duplicate, one set with the light card backs and one set with the dark card backs, so instead of upright and reversed meanings, the tone of the card's definition will be changed slightly based on the card back - in other words, if you're not sure if Card A is telling you to avoid doing something or to go out of your way to do it, check the back; a white, or positive meaning says to do it, a dark or negative meaning says to avoid it. I've always been a bit obsessive-compulsive about wanting my decks to always be right-side up when reading, and so this deck is purposely designed to be used with all the cards facing upright.

If you have any suggestions for cards you'd like to see, things that you've always felt the normal tarot deck lacks or perhaps a standard tarot card that you've come across an unusual definition for and want to share the definition, please, let me know! I have a lot of ideas but I never object to getting more. *smile*

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