One Hell Of A Weird Dream
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I... just spent a few hours dreaming. Like, frighteningly clear, still in my head during the bits where I was awake, still in my head NOW dreaming. It's like this really bizarre movie that won't turn off. It's been playing all day, playing all evening, I'm sitting here at the computer wide awake and it's still going. I'm not sure I know how to deal with this.

Part of me is none-too-politely saying that this is how insanity starts, and that I might as well start looking for a nice padded room right now. Part of me is going ooh, nifty - and fairly justifiably, this is one hell of a cool, if disturbing, dream sequence. Part of me is insisting that no, this is exactly what it's claiming to be, I should just shut up and watch.

So far I've been shutting-up-and-watching.

But it's starting to creep me out. A lot. Because I've been awake for nearly half an hour and IT'S STILL GOING. Dreams, even nifty or weird ones, don't normally DO that.

So what is this dream? It's sort of a series dream. It started out with me - well, a version of me, or at least a version of my voice - chanting something. There was static, like a tv that isn't quite working, then the static cleared and the voice started speaking recognizable english.

I quote, as best I can remember: "I don't have much time left. I don't know how many others this will affect but I'm not going to die without someone knowing. Pay attention. This is me - this is you. Parallel dimensions are real. I've found a way to cross them. Transmission begins now."

And then... my life, at least the first part of it, but at about ten years old it went differently. VERY differently. And the dream went on from there, going through this Other life, from birth to the discovery to about five minutes before certain and inscapable death. Toward the end there was... spreading... that's the best word for it. Like my thoughts, the dream, were getting fuzzy around the edges and spreading out until it touched someone else, another me. And the process repeated, with that life up to date. And another. And another. And I found myself downloading my own life to this bizarre matrix, living through it in just a few minutes and knowing someone else, lots of someone elses, were watching it.

It's still going on. Even sitting here awake, there's this sense of unreality to what I'm doing, because in the back of my head, an entirely different life is playing out, then another, then another.

It's fading, getting less strong the longer I'm up. But it's not STOPPING. I can't even find words for how weird this is. It doesn't feel like a dream, not like any dream I've ever had. It's been going since around noon and it's now past midnight. I keep waiting for it to go away completely but even when it does - if it does, and ohgodIdon'twanttothinkaboutthat - I don't think I'll be able to forget any of it. And, having not forgotten, there's a trip I need to make. Something I need to check out. If it's where I now think it is, this is going to get a LOT weirder, and I am going to get a LOT richer, and able to do something about it, and... yeah. So the next time I actually make it out to the coast, I'm bringing a shovel, and that's all I'll say about that.

I think I'm going to go get VERY drunk and wait for this to stop.

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