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...great. Just. Fucking. Great. What is this, my fourth period in less than two months? Not good. Not cool. AND NOT PLEASANT. Now I'm fucking bleeding from both ends, I could be a motherfucking miracle if someone would make me into a statue, and hey, statues DON'T FEEL PAIN... no fucking wonder I was suddenly getting hit with cravings. Why, body? WHY? Where did I sign on for this kind of shit? Now I'm going to have to see if I can schedule an emergency appointment with my doctor, or at least get him to call in a scrip for progesterone-only birth control pills, and I'm going to be stuck bleeding - AGAIN - while trying to deal with an entirely unrelated health problem, making my temper even fucking shorter, sleep even less likely, and life even more god-fucking-damned painful. I am... grrrr. Words don't BEGIN to describe it. And Caleb will be leaving soom for his business trip so I'll be fucking stuck here alone to deal with it as best I can, not even sympathetic company to snuggle me. GRRR. On a side note, why is it the only person who will both show up on messenger AND answer messages sent to him via said messenger is Nreshan, the constantly-away-and-distracted-boy? Look. It's simple. On MSN, make sure you have that_strange_girl added. On AIM, make sure you have thatstrangegyrl added. AND FUCKING LOG ON - yes, puppy, this one's directed at you, 24 hours since I've heard Word One from you and counting, and calling you is only producing Obviously Wrong Numbers again, get the FUCK back into existance or I will fucking come out there and DRAG YOU BACK TO CALIFORNIA TIED TO THE BACK FUCKING BUMPER WITH BARBED WIRE... and Kadin, wtf? Is there something wrong with your computer, or are you just not talking to me, and if it's the latter, will you please let me actually KNOW so I can stop worrying and get down to being furious? I miss talking with you, dammit, and seeing you constantly online but never answering any messages is really REALLY starting to get to me. *twitch*

...ok. Trying to calm down now. I have enough amatryptaline to kill a pair of horses even WITH the fact that they fucked up and only gave me 30 instead of the 90 they were supposed to - did I mention this stuff is a fucking powerful drug, thank the GODS, and will have me blissfully unconscious soon? Yeah. Taking that, and antihistamines, and steroids, and an OTC form of speed, and an antibiotic powerful enough they can charge fucking $50 a pill, and... you know, it's not really surprising I'm getting cramps and nosebleeds.

And yes. ALL of said medications were confirmed by a doctor, they know what I'm taking and say that for the duration of the sinus infection, yes, I really SHOULD be taking this much crap. I'm not complaining, the headaches were making me near-suicidal, anything that stops them is good. I just know what this is doing to the rest of my body and what kind of price tag relief usually has attached. *more twitching*

Anyway. You know my email address. You know my journals. You know the cell phone number. You all have your own diaries where you can post messages like 'sorry, I won't be actually online for a week' or whatever the case may be.

I'm gonna go curl up and try not to cry while I wait for the latest round of painkillers to kick in. Crying will only make my sinuses feel worse.

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