Put Up Or Shut Up
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...is there some rule that says after the few minutes it takes for my brain to get jumpstarted into a conversation, it is necessary every time for me to discover that apparently you went afk just before I started talking?


I have no chocolate (and that IS your fault), I have no kiwis, I have no cold soda, I have no hot tea, I have several plans which every time I remember to ask for your input you are conveniently and abruptly afk, I have a frustration level that is just getting higher with every passing second. I have no painkillers of any real use, I have no desire to be awake, I have no ice cream and no body wash and no extra-large crayons and nothing on TV that I want to bother staring at in an attempt to distract myself.

So yeah. I know you're extremely busy talking with your friends about the fact that your brother has once again blown you off for his girlfriend, and that you need some emotional support.

I would, however, like to point out that it is very difficult to give said support when you talk to me for all of five minutes after I've just gotten up and online again, and then disappear for... how long has it been, an hour now? Something like that. It still says you're on Vent, but... yeah.

So I'm gonna go try to get my hormones and my temper to both back the fuck down, and I'm gonna try to find something to eat so my hands will stop shaking, and I'm gonna be frustrated because I'd actually like to TALK to you and with you but of late that just doesn't seem to happen much.

Currently, I hate your brother and think very little of your guild? Oh, not for rational reasons this time. I'm just jealous. No matter how much or how often they fuck you over, they whistle and you come running.

It bites.

So. Yeah.

I keep saying things but it doesn't seem like you'll ever actually act on them. I've given you several orders recently: paperwork, info on getting your name changed, chocolate, 50g, update your journal, talk to Kadin, call me... and there's still the old pictures, which no, I still have not forgotten about and will not forget about. Yeah, my phone has been fubared lately. However, we did get it to work at least once recently and I KNOW right now it is turned on with a full battery.

You beg me to take more. You plead with me to use you. You ask for my attention, whimper and whine for my company.

Now I'm taking. Now I'm demanding. And now you're going to either show some results, or be treated as the stupid, lazy, worthless little scrap you seem to be trying to prove you are.

One pound of Godiva chocolates, Express delivery service.

Your journal updated, apology, rant, whatever, I don't care as long as it is more than just a sentance or two, I simply want it updated.

Either a functional phone call, or enough attempts at it that my cell phone call log shows you at least tried.

An answer as to whether the 9th or 16th of next month is more convenient for what I have been trying for MONTHS to set up now.

Don't bother speaking to me again until you've obeyed. I have no use for a brainless, disobedient, forgetful, needy whore who can't manage to follow simple instructions or keep in touch. We've had this discussion several times. I will not have it again, my patience is exhausted on this subject.

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