Well, crap.
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I have just experienced over two hours of the worst cramps I have ever had. Ever. Period.

I have now showered, used the toilet, gotten a couple midol down and am preparing to go curl up in bed again as the cramps are still at agonizing level.

I am pissing blood. Lots of it. The cramping is low, more of an ache than a stabbing pain, pressure on the area neither helps nor worsens it. As far as I can tell I don't have a fever. My best guess? Stupid hormonal cramps caught a stone in just the wrong spot. The added ache in my back just over my left kidney would seem to confirm this, that's usually where referred pain from stones hit. I'm on one of the more powerful antibiotics out there so if it's a PID or bladder infection it's not like a doctor would be able to do anything else about it. My only worries at this point are hydration and waiting to see if it goes away or gets worse - right now it's faded slightly but it's done that once before and then gotten worse again. A side note - the inhaler I was 'scribed for the sinus infection is steroid-based and one that does warn of blood in the urine as a possible side effect. *shrug*

Why am I writing this all down? Because if it does get worse and I end up having to go in to the ER, I intend to pull this page up on the cell phone before I get there so I'll have a record of what's been going on even if I'm in too much pain to really communicate well. Yes, the Jax is trying to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

The sense of heat in my abdomen is actually what worries me the most, it's not a sensation I've encountered often and the last time, as I recall, I had a UTI bad enough that I was hallucinating. *wry grin* Here's hoping this passes.

It's Wednesday now - Caleb should be home Thursday or Friday at the latest, if I recall correctly. The odds of it being bad enough that I have to go in to the ER before that are slim, which is GOOD, as I know which ER the nice ambulence people would try to take me to and honestly, I'd be better off visiting a witch doctor. *sigh*

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