Pointless Waste Of Space (and a really strange dream)
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Weirdest single dream I've had in months. Lots of completely unconnected scenes somehow strung together seamlessly, and each scene completely freaking weird. My sister as a BDSM queen, the captured mice turning into frogs, Leaf Biters that were these weird leaf-shaped bugs that for some reason were trying to eat me, my dad stalking Grr, BlackAdder episodes that I am SURE never aired, Jaden for some reason becoming a pair of gay men who in turn spawned a Jewish lady who was insisting I take a shower in this strange little shower stall with sarongs and prayer shawls instead of a shower curtain... and those are the more sane bits. So bizarre. Waking up from that was a slow and VERY odd process - I'm still not sure if I actually captured a fifth mouse last night or just dreamed it, I woke up seriously sticky as I'd cum in the dream at least three different times, I'm dizzy as all hell... meh. My dreams are odd enough, this was just insane. Apparently the lack of good sleep due to intense pain for several days now has left my subconscious with a serious backlog of odd mental images. Anyway, it's 7:47 in the morning (...heh, just remembered Alex explaining to me quite intently over the phone that the number 747 was following him around, he always saw it on the clock, whenever he was in a hotel that was his room number, etc.) and I'm still tired and hurting again/still; I've eaten the last of the Indian food, specifically the lentils-and-lamb and a serving of saffron-tinted rice, and hopefully that'll be enough to let me keep some tylenol down. Caleb gets home either today or tomorrow, he wasn't sure when he left which it would be so I have no idea either, but I'm hoping it's today and that he won't mind a quick stop on his way home. Gonna call Walgreens today and see if they can refill the muscle relaxant today, or if it has to wait until midnight/tomorrow, and either way have them refill it for pickup. Anyway, going the fuck back to bed, hopefully I can get some peaceful sleep now. If not, I'll settle for dream-filled sleep, or even some half-decent laying around reading bash.org on the cell phone and resting. *yawn* Still feel so very tired and so very ouchy and it freaking sucks and it's not like I don't spend every other journal entry bitching about how much I hurt so this is both no surprise and really a waste of space. Meh again. Bed. Ow.

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