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The Start of the Kailindoari

Everyone that had met Andreas knew he was somewhat reclusive. Technichally not a member of any pack or sept just yet, Gaia's Judge had taken to a hotel in the city for the time being. When "The Eyes" wasn't around the Sept he was off training with the Last Friend of His Father, an old Garou who was soon to depart Gaia's earth. A peace loving warrior of the Child of Gaia Tribe would die of old age, rather than in battle as Andrea's father did back in the old country, and this friend was no different. As he did for Andreas' father, the old Garou Child Ahroun would train the young judge in a rare art that had saved many a Garou from certain death. That art was Kailindo: the Rare Martial Art amongst the Garou first invented by the Stargazers long ago had taught Garou to incorperate Martial Arts Manuevers with their Shapeshifting ability, allowing those Garou with the Knowledge to actually shape shift during their maneuvers to let them achieve a higher potency level.

Like his Father, Andreas was particularly adept at shifting between his forms. This was not the final determining factor the old Gaian had taken into account when deciding to train Andreas, though it certainly was among them. No, Andreas had proven himself long before that. He had his father's ability to stay calm and assess situations, his moon's ability to lay down the law without second thought, his mothers ability to win an argument without fighting, and his Tribe's ability to raise to battle when all hope was lost. All of these things made Andreas a fine student possibility. But the true determining factor was that the old Gaian was dying. Before he parted this great earth, he would keep his promise to the young Judge's father, giving Andreas one final gift to help take care of himself: Kailindo.

Every night after Andreas went to check on the Garou and every morning before he left, Andreas was down in the basement of the building across from his Hotel, relentlessly training. Why did his fellow Garou think he was always so complacent? Always so willing to go along? Always taking a back burner to those of equal rank? The reason he would not discuss, letting them assume what they wished, is Andreas was tired. Tired because even though Shapeshifting was hideously easy, all night and all morning he was spending doing it. Mastering not just the slow, mystical defense, prayer and dedicated accurate striking, but constantly, never ending in his Shapeshifting. Not five minutes could go by before his teacher instructed him to change forms and begin his instructions again. Starting the stances in Crinos or Homid this time where it had been in Glabro before. Starting in Lupus and moving to Homid for a quick unseen chokehold or from Crinos to Lupus to evade an incoming blow. And then repeating this manuevers from every other possible start. All the while, his teacher, mimicing movements when he wasnt hurling boulders at him. The training was grueling, but it was sadly necessary.

The time not spent practicing manuevers was spent in prayer. Sitting there discussing the philosophy of war, of fighting and the art of fighting without fighting. Discussing what to do when someone is guilty of a crime. The severity of Punishment, of Death. And yes, all the while he was there, all the while he was engaged in this calm discourse, his body was changing forms every five minutes, sometimes even sooner. Sometimes as fast as thirty seconds. Andreas could never let his speech slip or his topic pause while moving inbetween forms and vocal chords, else he would earn his teacher's scorn and be required to begin again, or set an even more challenging course of Shifts and speech. The art of the Kailindo is not an easy one. It is not a quick one. Andreas was now just learning the beginning.

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