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I am having the stupidest of problems today. I've GOT an obgyn appointment now, so I'm not as worried about that. I've been dealing fairly effectively with the cramps that I STILL FUCKING HAVE but the bleeding has more-or-less stopped now, thank the gods. I've managed to eat (two frozen beef-and-bean burritos nuked in our dying microwave) and drink (gatoraid ftw, baby) and have even showered. Twice.

I've also masturbated seven times so far today and while it's the main thing that seems to be holding the cramps at bay, a) it's gotten boring, b) my body is still screaming that it wants an orgasm because even though c) I've had seven, they just don't seem to do the trick for more than about five minutes, d) I'm getting a fucking headache every time I cum, and e) I am still hungry, craving fruity goodness, but we have none... oooh! Except for the two cans of mandarin oranges I found and stuck in the fridge that might be cold by now. Woot. Hmm, note to self, remind Caleb that store-brand mandarin oranges are NOT the kind to get, point out the one consistantly-good-kind next time I'm there with him.

I talked with Nreshan briefly, mostly out of sheer boredom, and hah, for once he was annoyed enough to leave rather than me. A combination of anger and apathy does wonders when talking with people, whee.

Puppy just got back from work - he's working technically three jobs now, one part-time, two more-or-less-full-time, and is hating it with a passion. I completely don't blame him. I also know that EMTs and firefighters here in LA make plenty to live off of, but ehh, that's a conversation for another time.

I am currently still slightly damp from my last shower, and another thing on the list of annoyances that have added up into frustration is the fact that our already-sucking shower seems to be losing what little water pressure it had. I mean, it was bad before, but now? It's like having someone pour teaspoonfulls of water on you, it's got about that much force and actual water coming out. Stupid thing.

At least it's Friday; tomorrow Caleb will be around all day and while I will likely still end up complaining about being bored, just having someone Physically Here With Me helps quite a bit, particularly when it's someone who makes me feel happy and safe like he does. Also we have red meat in the fridge to be cooked up tonight. I'm sort of considering going now and slicing it up and tossing it into some sort of marinade but as odds are good by the time Caleb gets home my stomach will have decided it wants something entirely different flavorwise anyway, I'd better not. Stupid cravings. Stupid tummy. Grr. The housemice have been particularly bold today and attempted to steal my 7-up several times - it's a half-full 2-litre that was fully frozen earlier this afternoon and is only slowly melting.

Hmm, and tonight I need to use up the last of the OJ with the 7-up-and-peach-stuff and make Caleb and I some drinks, I think. I haven't had a drink in a while, seems reasonable to have one tonight, though damned if I know why. Hm. Must also ask Caleb when it was we brought home fish; if it's still edible I'd like to know.

Mahna mahna. *nods*

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