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So here's how it works.

As soon as you are old enough to be fertile, you go deposit sperm/eggs at your local Reproductive Bank.

Every five years after that, you are given a test on basic knowledge and problem-solving abilities suitable for your age level. If you pass this test you are allowed to make another deposit.

Once you reach the age where you can vote, drink, and bear arms, which will all be the same damn age, thank you, you now have access to a new test. THIS test is more geared toward social conduct, quick thinking, morally-consistant behavior, and parenting skills of all sorts.

The test consists of two parts, knowledge/intelligence and society/consistant morals. If you fail both parts, you are sterilized. If you fail one part but pass the other, you are left unsterilized but forbidden to reproduce without at least one year of counciling and without at least one person in your family-arrangement (families may consist of anywhere from two to ten members, of any mix of sexes) who has passed both tests. If you pass both tests, you are left unsterilized, and allowed to reproduce freely within your family-arrangement and with at least one year of counciling if the child is to be shared with someone outside of your family-arrangement.

To reproduce, a family-arrangement goes to one of the genebanks, demonstrates their financial ability to raise a child, and arranges for a withdrawal. If they wish, they are given the choice of gender, with the stipulation that there MUST be at least one member of the child's gender within the family-arrangement. No other choices may be made regarding the child. The mother then has the option of carrying the child to term herself or hiring a host-mother - a mother who has passed both parenting tests but does not belong to any family-unit - for the duration of the pregnancy. During that duration the host-mother is regarded as a member of the family-arrangement for all legal purposes.

Anyone who has passed one or both parenting-related tests may continue, every five years, to make another deposit. They may also decide, every three years, to raise another child. However, before each deposit or withdrawal after the first 'freebie' once they reach adulthood, they must first take both tests again. Failure of one or the other means no child, deposite still allowed. Failure of both means no child, no deposit, and prompt sterilization.

A 'vote of no confidence' can also be called regarding someone's fitness - if there are three separate complaints within one month, the subject must re-take both tests. If the subject does not pass BOTH tests sterilization is the immediate result.

Similar tests, given every five years after the first five years of adulthood, apply to voting, driving, purchase of firearms, any position higher than janitor in government or law enforcement, teaching, and most medical professions dealing with interaction between doctor and patient. These tests must also be re-taken every five years, with a vote of no confidence requiring ten people within a 2-month span.

Also, it should be legal for me to have a tazer and carry it at all times. *nod*

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