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And now that my previous (and previously-written) entry is posted and I have read something that makes me all warm and fuzzy, I will write to it, or rather to him. *amused* Not the first time I've produced such an entry and certainly not the last; he tends to make me want to respond, which is a very shiny thing.

First off... no, I don't think you really want to rant and fuss and be upset, y'know. I think that you believe you SHOULD want to do so, certainly. But what you really want to do, and what you likely did, is sit there for a moment wide-eyed, feeling, for just that moment, utterly helpless, and utterly owned. You want to wrap yourself up in the knowledge that I am showing you off, bragging about you in a sense, you want to grin like an idiot because you have just gotten proof yet again that yes, I do have some use for you. You want to ask me how she reacted, you want to go all puppylike and curl up at my feet, you want to be both humble and smug at the same time and to have it considered perfectly reasonable. Which I do, and it is. *grin* You make me proud, pet. You really do.

Now, the song. *blink* a) I want a copy of it, as from the words alone it sounds all nifty and I want to hear the music that goes with them. b) A little bit of everything, really - you are there waiting, you manage to keep me willing to wait, and we are both alternately pleased and frustrated by our interactions with each other... but more pleased than frustrated, when all is said and done, and we are both Still Here. c) It amuses me far more than I can rationally explain to see you quoting song lyrics in an online journal, it's so very Typical D-Land (or LJ, or other journaling etc.) and thus somewhat surprising, coming from you. Comforting, though. It's something the people I care most about tend to do, really - Kadin, Ryan, Grr, Becca, even Caleb occasionally, and obviously I enjoy quoting 'em as well as my six zillion entries-containing-song-lyrics rather solidly prove. *wry grin* You're getting the hang of this journal thing, and it makes me, as said earlier, all warm and fuzzy to see.

I am writing this entry for you, as well as to you. Yeah, likely obvious, but I thought for once it would be amusing to state it outright. I want you to know that I've read and enjoy what you write, that even though phones are currently evil and not-workie and I am dead tired, that for a moment at least I took the time to think about you and to write to you. Just so you know. *smile* Yes, I appreciated your care, your worry, your help, and the comfort you offered. No, I likely won't say this sort of thing often, enjoy it. You did well, pet. Thank you.

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