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So yes. Got home a few hours ago, conked out, just woke up a little bit ago and am now online.

The following is a textfile written over the past couple days, for those who don't know where I've been and who are interested in reading extreme frustration in text form:

One of the prettiest men I have ever seen, dressed in firefighter's yellow pants and firefighter's dress blue shirt, with gorgeous black boots, was just reciting medical details outside my hospital room. He is incredibly beautiful and has brightened my day.

The ubernifty nurse Christine, who is the same one who made my last major solo ER stay tolerable, is on duty today. She is just amazing. I've been in a LOT of ERs over the years, several of them often enough to get to know the staff, and she is hands-down the most cheerful, friendly, caring, and helpful ER staffperson I have ever dealt with. She is on par with the kickass Urgent Care doctor in both personality and competence, it's incredibly impressive. If nothing else, I NEED to remember to find some way to thank her. Flowers or some such. I may ask Caleb to snag some from the florist when he comes to take me home eventually - right now he's already en route to bring books and comfort, and the phone has Left The Room, or I'd suggest it now.

Puppy, Kadin, and Torian will all be worrying a bit - they know it's not like me to disappear from online this long, after being that out-of-it and not sleeping for three days. Caleb's updating my d-land page with the news that I am indeed in the hospital, being checked into a room, I'll be here for a while it seems. I may be able to make long-distance calls from my room, but I can't make them from the ER, or I'd be contacting m'boys myself. Oh, well. One does what one can, I guess. I just hope they'll let me eat eventually, I'm getting very hungry.

This notepad file is getting fairly large; I think I'll hang onto it and when I eventually get home, I'll post it. I can't blog properly from here but I'll be damned if that will stop me from writing. *grin* It gives me something to do at least, since Chrono Trigger and FF3 have gotten kinda boring. Heh, I may ask Caleb if he would mind me watching a movie or two. Killer Tomatos or something.

So frustrating. Yesterday was purely, simply, hellishly, frustrating. I was told around 1 in the afternoon that yes, they would be performing another surgery on me, likely at 3. At 9, I FINALLY got in for it, after six hours of being constantly told that 'they were on their way' or 'it would only be a few more minutes', and not allowed to eat or drink anything. It wasn't until I finally got back to my room at freaking 11 PM that I was actually given anything to eat, and to say I was famished was one hell of an understatement. I'm praying they give me breakfast but not betting on it.

Yes, I still hurt. Yes, I feel queasy, tired, and OMGfilthy, and have been asking if I can shower for an hour now with no response. They need a nurse to approve it, it seems, and as it also seems there is only one nurse for the entire freaking floor and she is Very Busy, I'm not holding out much hope of the shower either, or painkillers for that matter. Caleb will be coming by whenever it is he's awake and ready but until then, I'm stuck here being ignored. I'm still feeling very wobbly and drowsy so I may end up just laying back down and trying to get a bit more sleep.

I swear, their stupid call buttons don't actually connect with live humans; they transfer directly to the Department of Artificial Stupid. I am again feeling frustrated... or is it still frustrated? Hard to say, but as there really hasn't been much in the way of non-frustration since around 3 yesterday, there's a good case for 'still' rather than 'again', I think. I itch, too - the pads they supply are REALLY not comfortable. So tired. I want to sleep for a millenia. Milennia. Lots of centuries.

I've showered now. Apparently the liquid soap that was all they had to shower WITH, I am allergic to. I itch like nobody's business. Well, like my business, but you know what I mean. It's all quite aggrivating. No more morphine for me either, I was given a vicodin with breakfast (which don't even get me STARTED on, hospital food terrifies me with good reason) and while it is sorta helping it isn't really helping ENOUGH. I itch so much. Caleb took the only benadryl I had left in my purse yesterday or I'd just sneak one.

Speaking of Caleb, I hope he gets here soon. It is nearly 10 in the morning now and I want to go home. The tiny hospital room is not comfortable and just at the moment it is mostly occupied by a cleaning lady, whose cleaning products reek to high heaven and are setting off more allergies. Shoot me now, please. Anyway, if Caleb shows up, when he shows up, I'll finally be going home. This will be good; the cell phone's not cooperating so I haven't been able to let Puppy know I got stuck here overnight, I haven't had 'net access in over 30 hours, I'm still tired, still hurting, and yeah. Home GOOD, dammit. yeah. Home now. Nothing plugged in yet, likely thus won't be answering phones etc, but I AM home, I AM mostly-intact, and I AM still damn tired and trying to catch up on my missed sleep. Hi.

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