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*wry grin* ...time to change my sleeping habits again, it seems... since there is apparently being feedback, and the feedback is affecting entirely the wrong person. Which is kind of a shame 'cos I was enjoying the latest dreamset, lots of playing in the snow. Ehh. Not the first time there's been this overlap, likely not the last, and at least this time I am not the one getting stuck with dreams I'm quite certain aren't mine. *amused*

Been having a LOT of fun on IRC again, I'd forgotten how addictive it can get once you find a good channel. Courtesy of Ryan, I have indeed found a good channel. Interesting people, decent humor level, and extremely kink-friendly - what else could a girl want? *chuckles* Well, other than dragging EVERYONE I know in there, but as most of the people I still talk to at all either aren't computery types, or keep very odd hours... yeah. *shruggle* Spent a while talking in private messages with one of the girls about Ryan and Inari and Scott... made me feel a little bit sad, remembering, but a bit happier too somehow. I may have had some unpleasant moments, and gods know I suck at staying with a Dom for any length of time without panicking and disappearing, but... yeah. Those three each had a pretty big effect on my life.

Of course, the number of subs who have had such an effect on my life is... slightly larger, to under-exaggerate. *grins* Or rather, people I consider subs as opposed to people I consider Doms or people I consider vanilla - Scott has played both roles, for example, but in my head he is VERY Dom, Nick switched quite a bit but in my head is more sub than Dom. I'm realizing that in chat at least, I tend to come across as slightly more sub than Domme, particularly because I was introduced to this chatroom by Ryan and around him... yeah. *purrs* Melty Jax.

I can - and have on several occasions - go into new places and come across as entirely Domme... but it usually involves a lot less silliness, and this channel is one where silliness is welcome, so yeah. Bouncing, oddball, hyper, purring, feline-morph Jax rather than anything else. Not that I don't make it quite clear that the only person I will sub FOR is Ryan, I just know I still come across as someone who is more sub than Domme. This is, in all honesty, part of why I haven't tried to drag anyone but 'stina into the channel - after all, the people I want to talk to regularly are, for the most part, submissive... and tend to react rather oddly to seeing me as anything but a Domme.

Meh. *shrugs* I'm enjoying myself, other than the current Pun Wars, which just make me want to hide... I've come up with a new ivy-vine-ish pattern for body inking that I'm looking forward to trying either on myself or on someone else when I'm up in Portland, and I'm kinda drowsy today, so I think a nap will be calling me soon. Sleep good, and all that.

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