Zen and the Art of Subbie Playtoy Maintainance
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Poor little cat... supple, twisting there, your eyes are closed in a rather familiar expression, whenever you start feeling like I can't see you wham, down go the eyelids, a three-yer-old's game but at least on you it's mildly cute.

Listen carefully, love... listen while I beat it into you, fingernails raking your skin with each word, listen while my hand is thrusting into that sweet, hot sex you carry between yur legs and my tongue is stabbing, licking, tasting the air just south of that gorgeous shell-curve ear. Listen to me, pet, and I'll tell you why that wall is there.

You asked me to train you. Training takes time, on your part and on mine. Patience. The same simple lessons, over and over and over again until you aren't remembering them, aren't thinking them, instead they're just part of your consciousness. perfect little movements or thoughts that seem to be your own. That wall is one of the things you'll need, to be taught. Do you want to hear the list?

These are the symbols, pet. These are the things by which every other symbol and command and mental image and instinctand flash of dreamtime will take hold in you.

First there is the Wall. This is the wall that appears in your dreams, the wall you cling to in your fantasies. It is the last line, the ultimate strength. It will hold you up when you are too weak to stand, and it will keep you from stumbling into the shadows to be forgotten.

Next there is the Cage. It is punishment at rare times but it is most often protection. A sacred space, a den, a womb, within it you will find a sense of safety and, surpriingly, of peace unmatched by any other physical place.

Next there is the Collar, one of the three symbols of Ownership and perhaps the most important. To wear a Coller shows that not only are you claimed but that you are protected as well, that your life is the responsibility of your Owner at all times, good behavior or bad. An uncollared slave is one who has shown they are unworthy of that protect and care.

Next there is the Name. Another symbol or Ownership, this one gives you value in the eyes of the one who claims you, shows your worth, sets you apart from the nameless, near-worthless slaves who are not cared for, merely used. A Given Name is indeed a treasure, not something that can be bought and begged for, only given freely... or just as freely, stripped away. A slave without a name is just another faceless obedient automaton.

Next there is the Mark - this will be set aside, and discussed another time, as there is something very personal I have to say to you on this subect.

Next there are the Furs, a Gorean thing but one I choose to adapt to the training I give my pets and slaves. Soft and inviting, feral, warm, a pile of well-cured and well-tanned furs, lined on the inside with silk. Think of them as somewhere between a bed and the floor - asking permission is good, but not always necessary, as they are nearly ON the floor. To sit on (or in) the furs is to accept that you will be touched, held, used... and to ask for such treatment, openly and freely.

Next there are Bells. A slave in bells is pleasing indeed, always producing gentle, faint music, always able to be found in only a moment. Bells are a way of emphasizing a slave's helplessness, denying them the ability to hide. Bells also, on many slaves, signal their availability - it is common for a slave in bells to blush, knowing the sweet chiming speaks as much of their arousal as of their capture.

Next there is the Heart Scent. The human body is strongly attuned to scent and at important times in our lives, we record the scents around us as completely as sights, or sounds. This is somewhat more difficult to describe; suffice to say that in a solidified BDSM relationship there will eventually be one or two scents that can with even the faintest whiff leave you trembling, begging, mentally in that slave state without so much as a command or a blow to take you there.

There are a few other things that are essential, likely to appear in every trained pet's behavior patterns and life, but for now, this is a start. Later when I have more time on my paws I'll write about the Rope, the Bowl, the Candle, and the Whip, if not more.

Look back over each listed here, see how clearly you visualize it, how much of a hold it has on you at this point. *shrugs quietly* Just look.

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