Venus Envy Strikes Again!
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It's... ehh. Lateish. I don't care, I took one of the last two vicodin in the house and feel better than I've felt in 48 hours. Opiates FTW, baby. *sigh* Spent most of the day just trying to keep breathing and not-too-depressed; Caleb and I each had fizzy grapeaholic stuff and a glass of fruit juice with vodka along with what was either lunch or dinner (and also the only actual meal of the day) and that helped kill part of the time but yeah. Long, icky, too-hot-to-do-anything day. It's finally cooling off a bit and I'm hoping to get some sleep eventually. Tomorrow afternoon it's back to the dentist with me, finishing off the root canal; it'll be nice to have this freaking hole in my tooth fixed, it was bad enough when it was just broken, now it's just ick. *twitch*

I've been re-reading Venus Envy, a rather entertaining comic focusing on a MTF, her family, and her school life. It was Kitten who originally suggested it to me, I believe, but it's Torian I end up thinking of whenever I read it, in no small part because I do still think of her as one of my boys more often than not. Speaking of which, I've ended up spending a large part of the evening with a... rather amusing... fantasy playing through my head that I feel like sharing. It's not a hugely sex-driven thing, more a 'I wish this would happen', though yes, there is definitely sex involved. *grin*

It's simple enough, an evening out on the town in Portland, going to a fairly expensive restaraunt and to a movie, something action-gothpunkish, think Matrix or Underworld or Riddick, that kind of thing. There would be six of us: myself, Kadin, Caleb, Puppy, Torian, and 'Stina. We'd be dressed nicely but with definite kink overtones - for starters, everyone but myself would be wearing matching collars, slender steel bands lined on the inside with suede, locked in the front with custom-designed locks that were small circles with my Mark on them. I'd be wearing a delicate silver necklace with onyx beads and a tiny silver charm with the same mark. They would also be wearing earrings - small onyx studs set in silver, with slender silver chains leading up to earcuffs of very fine silver set with tiny rubies and on 'Stina and Puppy three similar chains of differing heights dangling down to end in tiny ruby and onyx beads.

The rest of the outfits... this, my mind goes into GREAT detail on, and if you're not interested in fashion I strongly suggest skipping ahead a few paragraphs, as yeah. Much clothing discussion ahead. I'll describe each outfit, and yeah, you'll see why Venus Envy ties in with this.

Stina: Black, white, and grey plaid skirt, very schoolgirlish, fairly short but not so short as to be horribly immodest, just flirty. White ankle-socks and black patent shoes with a good two or three inches on the heel, designed to strap around the ankle and lock in place. Above the ankle-socks her legs would be dusted with very sheer white powder with a bit of sparkle to it, and she would have tiny black hearts with solid white centers drawn in sharpie and gelpen, making it look as if she had stockings or full-leg tattoos. Her shirt would be a VERY sheer white button-up blouse tied to expose her tummy, her belly-button pierced of course with a pair of small dragon charms dangling from the piercing, one brushed silver with black enamel and one polished silver with dark red enamel. Beneath the shirt she'd have a white lace bra with the lace very faintly picked out in black, just enough to make sure the lace pattern showed through the blouse. The blouse buttons would be small black-outlined white hearts as well, and there would be a single small black heart drawn just below her right eye, as well as dark liner, mascara, and nearly-black dark red lipstick. Her panties would be the same shade as the lipstick, and would be satin. Her hair would be done in a mohawk, bleached nearly white with the tips black. Tolja I was going into detail.

Torian: Men's-cut black pants and matching vest with white piping and silver buttons, with a dove grey dress shirt beneath shot with silver threads. Beneath it, a push-up bra, I want those lovely breasts to be quite obvious, though I want the outfit to be masculine, it's the contrast that would be getting me off, as it were. A tie done in almost a tie-dye style, mostly silver and white with a bit of dark grey, and with a few solid black lines running across. A... hmm, I don't know the name for them, if you've watched Newsies or Gangs Of New York you know the time period for these, soft hats with a brim in front, sort of like berets with a brim and usually a little button on top. One of those, in a grey-on-grey plaid with similar line size as 'Stina's skirt but fainter contrast and a steel button. The cuffs on her shirt would have actual cuff-links, not just buttons, that would be silver with my Mark faintly etched into them. Her makeup would be very feminine, slightly egyptian-feel, giving her eyes a bit more depth and slant than usual to really bring them out. Her shoes would be well-polished men's dress shoes, socks black and shot through with silver threads. Her hair would be dyed to a rich raven-black with just a hint here and there of red.

Kadin: Black jeans, slightly faded (the 'worn but well-kept' look) and with the stitching done in white. Black leather belt with steel studs and a steel buckle designed to be locked on - if you've seen the leather cuffs that buckle on with a loop at the end of the buckle's prong so it can be locked as well as buckled, it's that kind of thing. Black leather boots, steel-toed with the steel on the outside and well-polished steel eyelets, the cuffs of the jeans overlapping the boots. Tight black T-shirt with a stylized dragon picked out in black thread, a grey silk long-sleeve shirt over it, the t-shirt tucked in and the overshirt untucked and completely unbuttoned. Black leather cuffs, think midieval, lacing up underneath and covering from his wrists to about halfway up his lower arms, each with a small silver ring attached at the wrist so that if his hands were placed palm-down, the rings would be on top of his wrists. The stitching on the cuffs would be black, and the lacings would be braided with two black strips and one white so as to have flecks of white along their length. He would be completely clean-shaven, head included.

Caleb: Black pants with a slight poof to them - think pirate leggings or midieval garb - stitched in dark grey and with VERY dark grey and silver threads shot through them. His shirt would be a soft linen tunic, long-sleeved with poet-style cuffs, white with a stylized dragon on a shield on the front done in black and that same dark red, with a pale grey and black pinstripe silk vest completing the look. He would also have a hat, similar in style to the one on Torian but black with only the faintest of grey plaid markings and a solid black button. He would also have a bit of makeup - not much, just mascara to bring out his lashes, and faint eyeliner - and he would have his goatee and mustache bleached slightly to be nearly white.

Puppy: First off, shoulder-length hair. Yes, I know he'd hate it. I don't care, I want to see him in long hair. *grin* It would be pulled back into a ponytail, tied with black ribbon. He would be clean-shaven, not just his face but from the neck down, completely smooth. He would have a skirt similar to 'Stina, but in a much lighter plaid, with dark red trim and gathered along the back upper hem with a bit of dark red ribbon - basically right at the small of his back, making the skirt flare out a bit there, emphasizing his ass. White button-up blouse in a soft silk with a hint of opalescent sheen to it, and a white bra beneath it with falsies, not too big, just an A or B, but enough to be clearly seen. The buttons on the blouse would be dark red faux gemstones set in white enamel, as would the button on the skirt, the blouse buttons round and the skirt button heart-shaped. Sheer white stockings with black hems up the back and black patent shoes finish the lower half, the same shoes as 'Stina (and also locked on), and delicate silver bangle bracelets with dragon patterns picked out in black, white, and red enamel are stacked on his wrists, four to each wrist so they chime when his hands move. Full makeup, of course, VERY feminine, with dark red lipstick and eyes done with the faintest hint of red in the eyeshadow as well as nice solid liner.

Me: Black silk dress, fairly high-cut but with a cut panel in the front covered with delicate black and grey lace, long sleeves kept slightly snug down nearly to the wrists, then ending in a fairly wide poet sleeve of the same lace. The sleeves would be slit with white silk pulled out through the slits, vaguely Elizabethan period. The dress skirt would be split in the front all the way to the waist, with a grey underdress trimmed in black piping. The dress's hems would be done in dark red, and the underdress's hem would be black. Black leather calf-high boots and sheer black stockings would be beneath, as well as the necessary slip to keep the dress hanging correctly. The boots would be soft suede leather with 2" heels, trimmed with a cluster of small heart-shaped dark rubies on each outer ankle. Around each wrist, beneath the sleeves of course, I would have the same black ribbon as held Puppy's hair threaded through silver chain bracelets. My hair would be cut fairly short, tinted to have a hint of purple (and thus come closer to matching the dark red) and with the faintest dusting of black glitter in it.

Yeah, I know, painfully goth. *wry grin* It'd look GOOD though, dammit, and although it would all be slightly different styles and time periods, the way it's pictured in my mind it DOES all go together surprisingly well.

Dinner... actually, I think it would be more of a late lunch, really. The main meal definitely, but fairly early in the day, while the sun was still up. As for what to eat, a good japanese place, I think. Somewhere that serves plenty of different types of food, teryaki and sushi and shabu-shabu and of course good tempura. Plum wine all around, enough of it that we all were slightly tipsy, talking and laughing and teasing one another a bit. I would have Caleb on one side of me and Kadin on the other, Puppy directly across from me with 'Stina on one side and Torian on the other, 'Stina opposite Caleb and Torian opposite Kadin. I have no doubt it wouldn't take too long before the two 'schoolgirls' were tipsy enough to take quite a bit of pleasure in flirting with each other, I KNOW Caleb would be absolutely delighted to get to flirt back and forth with 'Stina, and that would leave me in a wonderful position to talk with Torian, keep a paw (or two) on Kadin, and make sure Puppy didn't go more than five minutes without blushing. *evil grin*

After dinner, it'd be off to the movie... something, as I said, violent and shiny but not requiring all that much thought or attention. This is necessary, because for most of the movie 'Stina and I would be quite... occupied... as would Puppy and Caleb, who would be alternating places between our legs. I'd want Torian in between the two of us, as I think she would enjoy having both 'Stina and I playing Pet The Cat while the two between our legs were playing Lick The Pussy. *smirk* Kadin would likely end up on the other side of 'Stina so that when I wanted all of Torian's attention, she would have something else nummy to play with.

Yes, we'd have hired a limo for this, as I fully intend ALL of us to be tipsy going into the movie, and when it was over the six of us would pile back in and head off. The sun would be down now, and I'm betting we could find at least one half-decent club to wander into. I know I'd be something of a wallflower, as all I'd want to do is watch, and I'd likely keep Caleb beside me to fetch drinks, but the other four would be actually dancing, even if I had to prod 'em with a tazer. *grin* I want to watch them dance, all of them, sitting back and watching them move...

...when we'd had enough, or at least when I'd had enough, back off we'd go, and as this would likely happen on a weekend night it'd be cell phone time, seeing how many people we could get together to head out for coffee. Scott, possibly both Scotts... Ryan, Becca... Matt, Deb, Eamon no doubt... Grr, if she's about... all of us piling into a Shari's or Denny's or something, one of the places that still has a smoking section, and killing a few more hours there talking and laughing and enjoying the evening.

Eventually, even this would end, though. That's not a bad thing, because I know how the night would finish: the six of us (or possibly the five of us if Scott kidnaps 'Stina, or seven of us if Ryan and Becca come with, or if Scott comes with, or... yeah, you get the idea) arriving home, and piling into the living room... which would have two full-size hideabed couches or futon couches, as well as a couple of beanbag chairs and several big floor pillows, a big-screen TV with a game console or two hooked up, and decent air conditioning.

Anime, tacky B movies, fighting games, or even just music... some good alcohol, a well-filled pipe or two, and *sigh* knowing my body (and Ryan's and Caleb's, for that matter) likely some vicodin or at least advil... more than likely one or more parties dragged off at various intervals to the privacy of bedrooms, then coming back... snuggles, drowsy cuddles, and eventually sleep.

I'd get to fall asleep in a room full of people I cared about, after an afternoon and evening full of fun and dress-up and nummy food.

So yeah. Webcomics. *wry grin* I'm gonna try to sleep now.

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