When I die, if there is a god, I am going to KILL him for this stupid period stuff.
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Hmm. Only reference to EES drugwise I could find involved this antibiotic, which leads me to suspect any hallucinations during the first dosing would have been from a fever at the time or allergic reaction, not from the drug itself. Particularly at a young age, fevers, even mild ones, are likely to cause hallucinations. Allergic reactions can easily be staved off somewhat if the medication is accompanied with an antihistamine such as benadryl and followed by a second dose of the antihistamine a few hours later. Yeah, I can't help checking. *wry grin*

So apparently Torian and Zian... mmm, continued to play a bit, shall we say, after my connection decided to be nonfunctional. This amuses me on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. *purring* Among other things, I've always liked the thought of two of my pets playing with each other, it's like seeing two kittens play-fighting, just so damn CUTE you can't help but melt. Also, honestly, Torian can't help but benefit from having someone to play with particularly when I ended up being rather forcibly dragged out of the equation, and Zian just adores her and could more than use some playtime himself.

They've apparently both spent a bit of time now fantasizing about what could happen if, when she visits, he comes over for a few days as well. For very obvious reasons involving BDSM-flavored orgies, good food, and drunken movie-watching with THREE of my pets at once I am completely in favor of this. *amused* Yeah, still fairly cheerful today, I've been spacing out the DXM and advil to keep me reasonably pacified and painless. By tonight I'll be out again and it'll have worn off, and this will royally suck since we have NO money now, not even the weird sorta-have-money, so I can't justifiably order Caleb to fetch more. *twitch* I hate being female sometimes. Only in relation to periods and screwed-up reproductive systems, and I wouldn't ever want to give it up long-term for anything (though if I could switch to being a boy short-term whenever I wanted DAMN would I love it).

So yeah, as always stressing slightly over financial worries and worrying about friends - Kadin hasn't eaten since Friday, I'm more than a bit concerned since I KNOW his metabolism, he's already literally consuming himself if he's still functioning, and it's not good for him, among other worries I'm not going to list now. If we could afford it I'd spend tonight and tomorrow drugged near-senseless, packing while I was too out-of-it to hurt or feel the heat. I should be backing right now, but... ehh. Every time I even move around the house briefly it feels like I'm being punched in the stomach. Definitely not my idea of fun.

On a side note, courtesy of a conversational detour, I have now decided to use 'Moses' as a code word to describe masturbation or being fingered while on one's period. The whole Parting The Red Sea thing, yes, feel free to groan. *wry grin*

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