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Ok, napped a bit, now to Deal With Stuff. Checklist time! I'll be coming back to edit this as I actually manage to do things and to add new things to the list as I remember them because I'm sure that as always I'll manage to forget something important. Or several something importants. I love packing, really I do, particularly when it's in preparation to see the few people who don't care if I look stupid and therefor who for some reason I don't WANT to look stupid in front of. Freud, take the cigar out of your ear and go away. Anyway. Yes. Checklist.

[X] Call doctor about upping vicodin for this month.

[X] Get clothing together (and ideally packed in suitcase tonight except for what will be worn tomorrow).


[X] Get art supplies together and ready to be packed tomorrow.

[ ] Empty backpack - this will be done TOMORROW when I put the last few pads, the deodorant, etc. in it.

[X] Empty suitcase.

[X] Remember clothing belongs in suitcase, put clothing back in.

[X] Call pharmacy to doublecheck on meds.

[X] Stop by pharmacy to pick up vicodin and fuzzies so as to have 'em while on the plane.

[ ] Call mom - this will be done TOMORROW before leaving so I can keep it short.

[ ] Call Puppy and make sure he's not dying/killing himself/somehow confused about life/lost in the middle of nowhere/fucking Sarah's elbow or something/avoiding the doctor - got ahold of him briefly, told him to call when he got home, he hasn't so I will try calling him tomorrow. Yes puppy, I'm not thrilled that I haven't gotten to talk to you yet, you WILL recharge your phone, borrow someone else's, or do whatever else it takes to get on the phone with me Saturday, or Sunday if you can't manage Saturday. This is NOT optional, this is an ORDER, pay attention.

[ ] Call Torian and Kadin, who likely could use a bit of Friendly Voice time as well, because you know the universe likes to fuck with you so your plans of calling them while in Portland may end up going wrong. - Tried calling Kadin, won't be calling Torian unless it's tomorrow morning, head hurts at this point and I just want to sleep.

[X] Write up an incredibly stupid checklist that you know is leaving off something important but you can't remember what, and it's going to drive you nuts all day.

[X] Edit checklist at least once adding quite a few things both useful and sarcastic after getting a nap and accomplishing at least a couple of the things already written down.

[X] Shower.

[ ] After Caleb's gotten a shower too, put food and water in the tub in case mice get trapped in it during the week - Caleb still hasn't showered, this will get done when I wake back up.

I'm going to bed now, it's nearly 2 AM and we've got to be up tomorrow morning to finish packing and get to the airport. If you want to leave a message and be sure I see it, stop by my LiveJournal and comment on one of the latest entries there, you don't have to have an account to comment. We'll be getting into town mid-afternoon Saturday but will likely spend the afternoon and evening just getting settled and talking with Caleb's folks, so please don't expect to hear much from me.

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