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So as always (now that we have the laptop) when I'm trying to sleep, I've been browsing comics, journals, random websites, just aimlessly surfing while attempting to relax enough to close m'eyes and drift off. The train of sites followed to get to this particular idea was rather complex and I'm not going to go into depth on it, or on the idea itself even, yet... just posting it for now, so I don't forget.

Obviously when we move into the condo we're going to want to have people over to see the place; it's not huge, so likely no giant parties, and we do have neighbors, so nothing loud/shocking. I'm expecting a couple rounds of hang-out-and-drink with various groups of people as schedules allow, likely drifting back and forth between our place and Dixon House. However.

There is one thing I definitely want to have to sort of... I guess break in the place. A cuddle party.

Now, first and formost, NO, not an orgy. Clothing could be as minimal as you wanted but panties and boxers or some equiv thereof would be a requirement. No sex. Yes, Jax just said no sex. Hear me out on this.

I think most of the people Caleb and I associate with are, as a whole, comfortable with us, with others, and with their own bodies. I think we're all open enough and rational enough to realize that snuggling, petting, and random body contact are not just pleasant but healthy and good. And I think with the big-screen TV and the smaller TV, a Playstation and PS2, a queen-size bed in the living room, assorted alchopops, snack foods, and none of us having to get up early in the morning, we could have a rather nifty sleepoverish gathering. I really, seriously miss just getting so curl up with assorted friends, miss massages and backrubs, petting and scratching, six people piling under a blanket to watch cheezy movies, that sort of stuff.

So my plan is this. Wait until the weather gets cooler, so having lots of people in one room won't be agonizing and so we'll have an excuse to try out the mini-fireplace. Schedule this at least a month in advance, working with everyone interested in coming so that we'll all have plenty of time. Pick out a few favorite movies (Pirates, anyone?), make sure we've got a decent selection of soda, juice, hot chocolate, and alcohol, and get a few boxes of pancake mix so in the morning we can have breakfast. Then just have an entire night of silliness.

Seriously, think about it. When was the last time you got to have a sleepover, or stayed up all night watching movies with more than just one or two friends? When was the last time you got the chance to snuggle with people without feeling like it was supposed to lead to something? I think having a massive sleepover would be a surprising amount of fun, and I'm gonna try to make it happen.

I suspect there will be penguins; no one will be required to participate in 'em, just as no one will be required to drink, and if the smoke bothers anyone we can move off to one of the other rooms to partake, of course. There will be Malkav there by then, I'm quite sure, and anyone who has one handy will be encouraged to bring a sleeping bag or quilt or something of the sort. Fuzzy slippers will be VERY encouraged. I'm also totally open to having everyone bring a movie or two and then just deciding as we go which ones, if any, to put on. We will definitely be making popcorn.

So yeah, if you'd be up for this, by all means, let me know. *smile* Ryan, once we actually start planning in earnest I'm going to make you help with coordination 'cos I totally want Tyson and Molly to come and meet the Gresham crowd, and I think this particular venture may have to be Eamon-free since I most certainly want a Candice present for it.

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