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*wry grin* The page is down, and will be until we have the computer it's hosted on plugged in and set up again - which should be in the next few days. that_strange_girl, hotmail, email me there so I know which address to reply to and I'll send you the html that way as the graphics are hosted here on Diaryland and thus fully-functional still.

I am still at a loss for words; reclaiming something that I value as much as that, be it for a moment or for however often it may happen, is... not something I had expected. But I do say, and mean, reclaim... and I have the strength to do it now. I've spent the last year or two trying to lock away the part of me that makes such claiming. The locks are broken, the shutters open, the walls torn down, and I am eager to taste what I now seek, what I caught a glimpse of.

Want to know something REALLY fucked-up? That last paragraph is to two people... and could, really, be for three. Weird-ass 24 hours.

*lick* This paragraph, brief as it is, is all about you, my cat. You deserve to be mentioned, to be licked, to be reminded that you matter.

There are sigils, half-remembered markings to represent the words I prefer to use, slowly being layered onto - and into - the wood of the box. Some are etched, some are drawn in ink that soaks in, near-disappearing, some are painted in dark tones and some sketched in brilliant, gleaming inks. When I finish, the box will be warded without and within, and will bear a single Name. After all, this box has only one use, only one thing it is meant to contain; if ever I need such another device I will craft a new one. No other will ever be caught within the layers of wood and magic, prayer and betrayal. I am looking forward to watching you disappear within it, seeing your eyes empty of all but my will. *slight smile* My thrall. I do like that term.

For the rest of the week, we'll be trying to get the Actual Computer set up and running at the condo; once it is, odds are good I will be spending much of my time there. Until then, it's only in the evenings, or late at night, on weekdays that I'll be online for more than a moment. *shrugs* Still. I am here, and here I remain.

Oh, and I'll be fasting for a while. I think I need to reset my body's internal mechanism and this is the quickest way; as well, I have no doubt that strengthening one hunger strengthens them all and now... now, I revel in that.

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