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So hopefully this was just the stomach flu and not also a precursor to my own period; I really don't need any more cramps than the ones I've had the last few days. Geh. I've been listening to Prosti Za Lubov, a song Torian sent me, over and over... something about that echoing chorus, it just tears at exactly the right strings. I'd love to listen to this while fuzzed.

It looks like Rhia - Rie - may indeed be moving in; yes, there will still be a place for Puppy and yes, there will still be room for guests to crash occasionally, but she'll have what is currently the computer room for her own room. I think it'll be a good thing, as frankly having another female around is something I've been missing a LOT, and she'll encourage and help Cal and I to keep the place cleaner than we've been.

I'd... meh. At first, I'd almost been resisting the idea, much as I liked it, because I'd been half-hoping that someone else would be in this room. Learning to live in the 'now' is apparently a lesson I still haven't quite learned to my own satisfaction. Practice, practice, practice. Eventually I'll get it right. *wry grin*

I suck at addressing mail, apparently; gotta get new envelopes and try again.

Torian and Puppy have been talking. Zian and Torian have been talking. Becca and Drew seemed to hit it off at the New Year's party. Now if I can just get Soox to meet a few more people, and if Rie-est does indeed settle in here for at least a while, and... yeah. *fond smile* Mamma Bear syndrome again, dammit. Ehh. It could be worse, right?

I'm thinking it would be... comfortable... to take the $20 in my purse right now, go get royally fuzzed, and just hang out somewhere downtown and draw for a few hours. Hell, it would be fun to do that even if I'm sober, I just know I'll notice the cold less and be less shy and less likely to go into people-shock if I'm fuzzed first. Panic attacks when you're trying to relax and enjoy yourself really suck. Panic attacks that lead to seizures in public places are even worse. *mutters* Stupid head. Fish, I'm gonna go snuggle Caleb, see what he thinks I should do. Sleep is out, actually, tired as I am, though I'm going to try to catnap first... I slept most of the day and now I'm Awake Dammit and want to Do something. This is not a normal thing for me to feel at 8:00 in the morning, btw. >.>

Strange day. Strange week. Strange month.

It's a new year.

Am I going to be a new person?

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