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I think it's safe to say this is the most insulted I have been in, oh, quite a while. I wouldn't be so offended if it were coming from anyone... less-informed? But under the circumstances, this just is not acceptable.

Ryan has forbidden his girl from coming over here without him, on my birthday, after she had already agreed to come, after I had specifically asked for SEVERAL DAYS for her to come over. Why? He says it's because he doesn't trust puppy. I'm assuming this means he doesn't trust puppy to not hit on Becca? Not lure Becca away from him? Something like that.

Puppy belongs to me. If he were to do anything it would reflect on me and would be with MY permission. So what Ryan has just said is that he doesn't think my training is any good, that he doesn't trust ME with Becca, that he doesn't trust Becca either for that matter, and that he is willing to make her break her word, piss me off on my birthday, and come off as a rude asshole because of this distrust.

Ok. Fine. Thing is, if he doesn't trust me and doesn't trust my boys, then frankly, I don't want him here. I will be extremely uncomfortable with him here if I know he's going to be glaring at everyone and getting offended the moment anyone so much as looks at Becca... which is a huge rant in and of itself since if I recall correctly he STILL says he's not dating her.

Yes, if Ryan can't be civil around Puppy, he will not be welcome in my home, any more than if he couldn't be civil around Caleb. This goes for anyone: if you have a problem with me or mine, that's FINE, it honestly is; I'd like to talk about it with you and hopefully we can work through it, but I understand that everyone has their own opinions. I just request that you not expect to be welcomed into my home with that attitude, any more than I would expect you to welcome me into your home if I announced I didn't like your signifigant other/pet/family member/housemate/whatever.

I would really like to know why it is that Ryan is uncomfortable with this, and I'll be talking with him about it once I'm a bit more level-headed and NOT on my birthday, I'd rather enjoy the rest of today if I can, thanks. *wry grin* Which should be pretty easy, I'm getting taken out to dinner, gonna get to go to Pirate's Cove dressed up as pirates with a bunch of other people, I have Puppy and Caleb here, got to talk to Torian on the phone (briefly, but still, hearing her voice always makes me smile), got an email from Matt recently, chattered with Nereus for a minute, and hopefully will get to see Soox - she and I had planned to spend this last weekend together but with Puppy's sudden arrival and the huge complicated panic and chaos, I ended up cancelling. I feel really bad about it; it was necessary, and I was too dead tired the few hours where I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off to have been good company, but dammit, she's nifty and I miss her. *sulk*

Fish, I've got to go find some actual clothing - I've been wearing the lovely warm flannel nightgown I got for Christmas around nearly all day and while it's uber-comfy, I feel somewhat silly going out in it for anything other than middle-of-the-night trips to Walgreens. As for the rest of the night, here's hoping it goes well... I'd like to have a happy birthday.

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