Torian, and Contemplation
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Torian called. *happy*

If you could basically rewrite one currently-living person's point of view with your own - have them agree with you on just about everything socially, politically, religiously, etc. - who would it be?

If you could rewrite the viewpoint of someone in the past, someone now dead, again to match yours, with your morals, your convictions, your experiences, who would it be?

You're given the chance to receive a few valuable prizes, but there's a cost for each one: to get that thing, a certain number of people you personally know would be killed. You would be required to choose who specifically.

Cure for AIDS: 10 people
Cure for cancer: 20 people
Worldwide cease-fire for a period of 1 year: 10 people
The drafting into law of something that basically states ALL people, including gay people, straight people, foreign people, native people, poor people, rich people, sick people, smart people, stupid people, majorities, minorities, EVERYONE, are in fact equal. You can marry anyone or anything, any number of times. You can kill anyone you want to once - but then anyone who wants to can kill you without invoking the 'getting killed themselves' bit: 15 people
A tax-free sum of money large enough for you to live comfortably off the interest for the rest of your natural lifespan and a good ten years after that: 5 people
24 hours spent in the company of anyone, living or dead - they would cooperate with any reasonable request, be able to speak your language, retain all of the knowledge they had up to the moment of their death but appear at whatever age you commonly visualize them as: 5 people for the first 24 hours/first person, 10 additional people for another 24 hours with that person or another person for 24 hours, etc.

You can take as many prizes as you want, but the people killed for each prize must be different, no killing one person and counting it for each prize. Which ones would you take? Who would you have killed? Do you think you would be on anyone else's 'kill' list?

What do you think the first fifty words taught to every child should be?

...yes, I'd love to see answers to these questions appearing in other peoples' journals, and perhaps if I do I'll post my own answers - never ask questions you're afraid to answer yourself, after all. But mostly, this is just... ehh. This is what I was thinking about, in the last hour. Wondering.

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