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I spent last night (and by night, I actually mean "6-ish AM until shortly after noon") curled up in bed with Torian beside me. We did some talking, snuggled, I got to play with her hair (which is indeed amazingly soft and nifty, AND long enough to pull, yay), and right now she's showering before we all head out for breakfast/lunch/whatever. Zian and I already got our showers, I'm guessing Kate will want one too but not entirely sure...

...oh, yeah. Kate.

Previously known as Caleb.

It's been a REALLY odd few weeks here, let me just say that right now. I no longer have a husband, precisely... I have a wife. To be specific, I have a pre-op wife, but she actually is intending to go through hormone treatment and surgery and so forth.

................yeah. REALLY odd few weeks, I think that bears repeating.

Torian. Zian. Kate. Puppy. WTF.

Ehh. *wry grin* At least I can safely say I am doing my part to Keep Portland Weird - yes, there are bumper stickers with that slogan floating around and appearing on various cars here. This is an oddball city, perfect for oddball people, which is good because my pack? FULL of oddball people. *grin* And I love them to death.


I'm a bit stressed out because last night I had a petit-mal that kept me twitching for most of the evening, but I feel better after a night's sleep and I am literally feeling light as a feather just from the weight that's disappeared from my mind now that Torian is here and safe.

Now if only Elru'll get back... *amused*

So yeah. There are two lovely people out in the living room waiting for Kate and I to get ready so we can all go eat, the four of us piled into the car, whee... it'll be amusing at least, I can say that much. Note to self, bring down a couple of garbage bags so we can clean it out, or they'll never fit - yes, my mess field has gotten to the car.

I'll be updating when and if I have the chance; usually the same way I'm doing it now, dragging the laptop into the bedroom to get a bit of privacy while I type, a moment of "whew, dun' have to deal with anxiety attacks", etc. I don't know how often I will be able to do this but as it's likely to be the only alone time I have for a few days... yeah. *another grin* Rest assured that I WILL be updating as often as I can, as it's that or go into panic-attack-twitch-mode. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm trying to finish this up and get back out there; I should really find clothing first, as I can't go out in nothing but a sarong. Ehh.

It's an odd few weeks, and it's only going to get odder. ^.^ I love my life.

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