It is NOT beginning to look like fishmen, dammit!
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Aaand I just realized that our server is still screwy. The file's where I think it is but the DNS is Having Issues. *mutter* So yeah, with the wanting to scream. It's a PRETTY picture, I'm very proud of it.


Can't sleep, too hot. Or rather, too hot in the bedroom, even with the fan on - out here in the living room the AC has gotten the room cold enough that I'm using a blanket, as my computer chair is basically in a straight line from the AC unit. If I wasn't in pain, I'd be pacing. I apparently have no patience for anything tonight... not that this is really news. Patience and I stop being on speaking terms after about one in the morning until I get some sleep. I could take one of my last few amatryptaline and hope it knocks me out but as it also dehydrates me, I really dun' want to if I don't have to, y'know? Waking up feeling like I'm made of brittle paper and have a mouth full of cotton balls isn't my idea of a good time.

I'm not even sure why I'm updating; it's not like I've got anything in particular to say other than the Nonfunctional Picture, and I could have just edited the other entry to make note of that. *shrug* I guess I just still feel comfortable enough here that when everyone else is sleeping, I rant here. 's a good thing, on the whole - for a while there I'd been neglecting my journal, and while I know not many people read it any more, it's still a good habit to be in. Particularly with the stupid seizures, the more I write down the better. Gods know I might not remember it a day later. *mutters again*

Listening to Loreena McKennit, her Fire Dance song. No words, just quite vocal sounds and a bit of faint drumming and a hint here and there of guitar and fiddle. It reminds me a lot of Heather Alexander's stuff, actually. It's got a very similar feel.

Ok, I must be adjusting to the temperature out here. The blanket is officially too hot. *rolls her eyes* What I ought to do is make myself up an icepack from the reusable ice cubes, drag that and the laptop into the bedroom, and play chrono trigger until I fall asleep. What I'm actually going to do is glare a bit at my computer, drink the last of my soda, and take a phenergan. I suspect getting rid of the nausia and cutting down on the allergic reactions will help me get said sleep, actually. When you're overheating, the last thing you want is hot flashes and queasy tummy.

"Hard Wax", track 11 from the Blade Trinity CD, is one of the other songs stuck in my head lately. I play it pretty often when I'm lost in starcraft or feeling tense and prowly. It's... appropriate.

...this blood...
...this blood...
...this blood is gonna wake the night...

Yep, that's pretty much the only lyrics right there, it's a techno piece mostly, but well-done and VERY satisfying. *another shrug* At least it's not fishmen.

Oh, and the reason there are no graphics on my page currently? Same server problem. *twitch* I am more thankful than ever that I tend to design my layouts so that if I DO suddenly lose all my graphics, my journal is still quite functional and readable.

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