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Torian: *hugcling* I'm at Dixon Household still but tomorrow should be back home, you're welcome to call Cate's cell phone tomorrow afternoon/evening if you need to talk. Know that I love you, and that I'm worrying about you.

In general: Just got back from the ER (yes, AGAIN) a couple hours ago. They screwed up big-time yesterday, ended up having to send a police officer to find me and get me back ASAP. Not discussing details yet; tomorrrow I call the records office to request copies of my medical records for this latest visit and the last one, and of the police dispatch if I can get a copy of that. Not sure what else I'll need to bring to the lawyer.

The apartment is clean-ish, NOT because Rhia and Company cleaned it but because Deborah and Cate went over there this afternoon and cleaned up a bit. Why is this bad? Because Rhia has been staying with us, paying almost no rent, having one or both of her two boys over pretty much every night, and cleaning the kitchen occasionally, doing dishes fairly often, and other than that not cleaning much at ALL... and the entire reason we let her move in was that she promised to basically play housekeeper, keep the trash and the dishes taken care of, tidy up every day, clean the bathroom occasionally, etc. Has she done this? No. AND she's asked if Daniel (one of her boys) can move in for a few weeks too; the condition to THAT being even sort-of-ok was that she start keeping her end of the bargain and that he start cleaning too when he's over. Has this happened? Again, no. NOT happy. I'm looking forward big-time to Puppy's visit if only because when he's around I have a much easier time finding my backbone and I know he will help me deal with this.

*wry grin* Speaking of Puppy, he's asked me to put up his phone number as he rarely checks email: 1-774-571-9090. Again, if you need to know what's going on or NEED to get ahold of me, call him. He generally knows where I am and can reach me to pass along messages if necessary.

It's... heh. It's comforting, knowing he's there, knowing he's looking out for me and stepping up when I need him to be The Responsible One; Torian's off in Israel again and not always easy to get ahold of, Cate is both forgetful and easily-stressed, and there isn't really anyone else in my life who can do even a fraction of what I need, be trusted with my health and well-being, keep in contact with those I care about, and still be enough of an asshole that when I've had a shitty day and need someone to scream at, poof, right there. *amused* He is an ass, he knows it, I know it... and still, right now he's the one I depend on and trust. Feels weird, still. Feels right though too, so. *shrug*

Gonna go try to read, or sleep, or something; painmeds and lorazepam have kicked in, and I think I might be able to get some actual rest now.

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