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Going over to Dixon House for a little while; if there's an emergency, call the Pup (who should be calling me anyway at some point) and he'll be able to get ahold of me, Cate's cell phone, I strongly suspect, is still not recharged yet so he'll be calling Dixon House, which is only ok until 8 or 9-ish Pacific time - Robert goes to bed early, which is in fact why we're going over there NOW instead of later, as when he's in bed I can't get to the art room and I want to put a few personal touches on the Book.

...note to self, periods are GOOD punctuation, run-on sentences, even with assorted punctuation thrown in, are not so good. You are not John Norman, therefor you should not write like he does. *shudder* Itching is also bad, but I have much less control over it, whether it's mine or someone else's. *scratches furiously, looks for antihistamines*

The Book. I could write two or three full entries about that and still not say everything that's going through my head when I look at it. It was given to me by Angel while I was down on the coast, handwritten on what looks to be handmade paper, easily a couple hundred pages. She said it took her six months to finish, and I strongly suspect she was understating.

Among other things, it has a complete Bato'Cirn dictionary - both the words I've remembered and written down and the much longer list that she's had for gods-know-how-long. This is not a small list. I'm gradually transcribing it all into a textfile, written out as English-to-Bato'Cirn, and once that's done it will be flipped courtesy of Cate (because re-typing it all would drive me nuts) so there will also be a Bato'Cirn-to-English version. Also included in the Book is a list of herbs and their uses, a large assortment of charms and prayers, a brief but useful symbol list, and some very beautiful sketched-and-colored symbols that I suspect will find their way onto my skin at some point.

It's hardbound, quite thick, not too heavy but with enough weight that you know you're holding it. The cover is red overlaid with black, a gorgeous combination that I'm not going to have any trouble accenting. The whole thing is intense, amazing, and quite possibly one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. When I was a kid, I had a hard time understanding why people would be all excited over handmade stuff, since most of the cool toys were manufactured and sold in stores. Now? Now I can look at something like this and be absolutely blown away. I'm not surprised she made the Book, not at all. I'm just stunned that she'd give such a treasure to me. *wry grin*

Anyway, Cate's nearly done getting ready, and I'm starting to see sparklies again - I nearly had a seizure in the ER, or rather I DID have a petit-mal, but nothing worse - so I'm going to log off.

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