Also, I am bored. ^.^
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There is a large shard of broken glass on my desk, under my keyboard. It's from a mirror, actually - yes, the one that Randy broke and replaced with a larger, better one - and it's nicely shaped with a largeish base extending out to a long, narrow, and VERY sharp point. Pretty much ideal for cutting things with, anything that you CAN cut with glass, at least.

I feel intense sympathy for Torian right now, insomnia and a f'ed up sleeping schedule are a bitch. I know this because I can't find my damn amatryptaline which means I can't fall asleep reliably, can't stay asleep reliably, and feel like an idiot because it was Right Here On My Desk last time I saw it and now it's nowhere in the entire freaking house to be found. *twitch* House gremlins, must be.Also I can't find my insurance card, CAN find more medical bills than I intend to pay, and have started going insane from boredom. Even food network is boring me, and if you know me, that says something. QVC is fucking boring me. THIS is boring me. I want my drugs dammit, I want some fucking painless dreamless sleep!

...yeah, I know, it's not like this is new.

So the holdup with the painkillers is STILL the insurance company fucking up and not replying, as opposed to the last WEEK where it was Walgreens faxing the confirm request to the wrong fucking doctor's office... whoa. Ok, yes, I do swear too much. Sorry. Fish, it's the insurance company stalling now and since this new painmed is one I am not supposed to take with ANYTHING else, I still can't even take advil or tylenol on the off chance I can get it filled today, no aspirin, no alieve, nothing. It's going to drive me MAD. Seriously. Although entertainingly, fuzzies are not on the list of drugs-I-can't-take-with-it, I asked. So yeah, my trying-to-stay-sober resolve has gone so completely out the window it's not even funny, still broke, still in pain, still need sleep, is this repetitive to anyone else or is it just me?

To quote one of my favorite livejournal entries ever, how is this my LIFE?!

Oh hey. I just found my amatryptaline. Why is it in THAT bottle? *boggle* I'm going to go shoot myself or something now, it's in a tiny bottle that it should NOT be in, sitting in a spot where there wasn't ANY bottle when I started typing this message - I know, because that glass shard? Had been sitting there before I put it under the keyboard. Now in the blank space where the shard had been sitting is a wrong-sized oddly-labeled bottle of amatryptaline that I swear the stuff wasn't in last time I saw it. I'm losing my mind here. Stupid house gremlins.

Puppy should have his plane ticket purchased over the weekend, by Monday I should know when he's arriving and departing and it should be WITHIN THIS FUCKING MONTH, yes, swearing, I know, shut up inner nagging Self, I'm going to go read and freak you out even further because dammit, my Inner Self shouldn't be complaining about my language when typing a freaking journal entry. Also it should stop griping about run-on sentences. Stupid Self. Stupid entry. Stupid boredom, my god I am so bored, gaaahhh.

Bored, did I mention that? Yeah. VERY bored.

Going away now.

So bored.

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