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So I am alive, yes. *sheepish* I'd been poking at other people to update and I swear I typed in an update and hit submit, but apparently my computer ate it.

Angel is packing her stuff for the trip home; we're gonna get some pho and then take her down to the greyhound station, which is where the Bus To The Coast stops. It's been lovely having her here, somewhat to my surprise. I'd been expecting to feel far more nervous, that this would add to my stress somewhat rather than taking it away.

I was SO wrong. *grin* As always, the more people I care about I can see at once, the better. She's someone I trust, too... someone I've trusted for a long, long time, someone who I know I can say anything in front of and she'll not find some way to twist it, she won't use it to hurt me. I can talk with her, around her, and it's ok.

The mp3/cd player in the car seems to be dying, it's rather sad. It was an extremely cheap one to begin with, and it survived several years in California, so I'm not really too surprised, but still. We'll need to get a new one eventually. Until then, we'll make do. *soft smile* We always do.

I'm listening to "Sing" again. I can't hear this song enough, it seems. It's my current musical obsession.

Cate's curled up on the bed - since it was the last night, Angel and I had commandeered it last night, and Cate apparently didn't sleep too well on the beanbag, so she's napping now. It took me a while to wake up, I was sorta-awake shortly after noon but couldn't drag myself out of bed until ten minutes ago. Sleep is good, and I haven't been getting enough of it, apparently.

I'm going to call the doctor on monday; the every-twelve-hours drug he had me trying makes my heart race oddly when I take it with my blood pressure medication and is one that's known to cause seizures. Somehow I don't think this is the medication for me. It does help a bit with pain, my overall pain levels are a lot lower when I take it, but it doesn't seem to cushion against immediate pain, just dull the overall ache. Not a bad thing, and I'll be keeping it on hand, but I think I'm going to request he up the opiates. *sigh*

I need to call my primary doctor too, let her know what we found, and that I haven't gotten to a psychiatrist yet, and that I need a lorazipam refill again. She won't be happy about it, but she'll do it. I do need to get in to see a psychiatrist, don't get me wrong, but there's a limit to how many medical appointments I can stand in a month, let alone afford.

Heh... speaking of that. I'll be having a long conversation with Puppy tonight, I expect. There's a lot I want to tell him about and a few things I want to ask him and frankly, the last week the only suitably interesting conversation we had was in the middle of the night. I like my privacy when I'm on the phone; when there are people around, I just can't bring myself to really open up, y'know? Everyone else was sleeping that night, or I would have throttled back then too. So yeah, looking forward to talking with him. There are aspects of my life that only one or two people understand - different people depending on which aspect, yes - and one of those is something I am DYING to chatter about. *wry grin* I should have been born a squirrel.

Sending Angel home with "Small Gods", as she definitely needs to read it. She's halfway through it now, and I would never ask someone to stop mid-Pratchett, it's just cruel. Considering sending her home with "Soul Music" and "Hogfather" too, actually; the Susan books are always fun to read. I'm also sending one of my current favorite Stephen King books with her, and I'm so very tempted to try to convince her she wants a hamster. ^.^

I'm trying to remember if there's anywhere else I wanted to take Angel before she leaves that a) we can get to and get back in time, b) is fairly inexpensive, and c) can't wait for another trip when we could spend a whole day there. So far I'm drawing a blank, there's Rimsky's but I'm pretty sure that's only open at night, she stopped at Powell's when she first got here, there aren't any amazing restaurants we've discovered recently, the only people I wish she'd gotten to hang out with are likely working or sleeping right now, and Pirate's Cove is very expensive if you're doing it right.

Tempting to swing by there for a drink anyway, but that'd just be unfair to Cate, who is stuck driving and therefor couldn't even drink. Better to just go to Pho Huong and enjoy ourselves there.

It's dark in here, none of the lights are on and it's overcast outside, so the whole place feels oddly muted.

I think that's everything I want to say, so I'm just gonna wander off now.

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