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Another hour and a bit until I can start trying to call about my possible appointments. I'm going to have to wake Deborah if I do have my Early Morning one today, as the little car has no gas and I won't have the money to put gas in it or pay for the doctor until my paycheck (yes, MY paycheck, yay for work the Jax can do from home) arrives today/tomorrow/sometimethereabouts. I'm not looking forward to this particular visit. Why? Because it's with the spine doctor who happens to be a pain management specialist.

See, the last time I was in there I actually shocked him by asking to try something other than vicodin. He's perfectly happy to give me vicodin, it has very few long-term side effects and works quite well at dealing with pain. I... would rather not take it much at all if I am not sure I'll be getting more when I need it. Withdrawals AND the pain? Not fun. So yeah, I asked to try something else, the something else was a disaster, and now I get to go back and beg for vicodin and/or try something ELSE that may or may not work. Neither option is a particularly good one.

As Deborah pointed out, the main reason he's willing to give me vicodin is because he has solid proof that yes, I need it. The test results showed degenerative spine disease and arthritis. It's not like I'm faking the pain. And since as long as I keep taking vicodin, I feel less pain, can exercise more, which will help me lose weight, which will ease the pressure on my spine, which will let me feel less pain... it's better to just take the fucking vicodin and worry about withdrawals if my overall pain level goes down to something tolerable.

That last paragraph contains another reason I want Deborah along. She's very good at keeping me calm while I'm talking with a doctor. Without her there, I get nervous, and when I'm nervous I tend to swear a lot. *sheepish* And that's not really the way I want to be seen, y'know? Bad impression and all that.

I'm typing this up on the laptop; when I'm done I'm going to ink my hand (the doctor and his assistant both oohed and aahed over my ink last time, I want to see if I can impress them again), take some aspirin for my sore throat (chewable of course, it gets the aspirin where I need it), and check on the hamsters. By then it should be 8-ish and I can call. A large part of me hopes that the appointment IS for today, otherwise I have to wake up/stay up until this time tomorrow morning too. *shudder*

Also, I was talking with Puppy yesterday and he hung up to grab food, said he'd call back, and didn't. *tsks* This is starting to get ridiculous, we seem to have managed to get our days just off-kilter enough from each other that it's almost impossible for either of us to get ahold of the other one without six million tries. This is particularly annoying because dammit, I've been wanting to bounce a couple ideas off him for over a week now. *mutter* Ehh. Sooner or later, we will actually be on the phone when I remember them.

Oh! A treat for y'all, pictures of Kaa. He's a Royal Python, very friendly and calm for a snake (he hasn't bitten anyone, not even once), and he is so very beautiful.

Isn't he just gorgeous? *grin* He is very much nifty. And sulking in the cool spot in his cage at the moment, he's annoyed 'cos I wouldn't let him go visit the hamsters when I had him out. *amused* MY hamsters. Not snakefood.

Anyway! It's past 7 now, gonna post this and get going.

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