Bedtimefor meee!
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Late, so late it's early, and I am praying that this round of medication stays down long enough to help me get some proper sleep. I've got a cold in addition to everything else, which means that if I lay down for long I start feeling like I can't breathe, which is NOT conductive to sleep. I suspect if I can just fall asleep I'll breathe through my mouth and snore a lot but at least there will be SLEEP, dammit.

We still haven't rigged up a useful computer chair so I'm only getting to steal the laptop occasionally, such as now while Cate's in bed. I'll likely just get enough time to update once or twice, check emails, and maybe catch up on metaquotes for the next few days; other than that, good bloody luck. *sigh* Ehh, we'll sort something out soon. I hope.

Doctor visits went mostly-well, I'm too tired and too sniffly to elaborate right now.

I have a charming duck voice right now and ebry*sniffle*thin I say comes *sniffle* out liek th*sniffle*is. Yuck. Rhia and company have mostly moved out, we see them occasionally when they're coming through to pick up a load of stuff but for the most part, she might as well be gone. Err, if it weren't for the fact that her birds are still here and we don't have a spare room. *wry grin*

I'd planned to go downtown tomorrow, see if I can make some cash, but if I can't talk and keep alternating between dizzy, sparkly, sniffly, and ouchy this might not be the best time for me to be much of anywhere alone. *mutter* Stupid seizure. Apparently I had one last night - did I mention that already? - and from the way I feel I'm still borderline seizure-state. Kinda puts a damper on things.

Anyway, gonna try lying down again, just took some nyquil and if anything can help, that will.

*nuzzles her sleepin' cat, pads off*

More than half of the expenses of the House I want is in the cost of land and lumber - I can draft the plans myself, and I know my father would work for damn near free. I want a place far enough out that there's forest as well as a nice big open clearing that the house is in surrounding it on all sides, but it needs to be close enough to Portland that I can get to town (and to hospitals) quickly if need be. Ideally, somewhere that's close enough to be able to get cable or DSL; if not, I'd have to look into other options, I don't want to get stuck with dial-up again, I've gotten too used to my nice fast connection. The house would have to be custom-built, most normal homes don't have windowseats that double as cages or a sunken bathtub big enough to seat 4-5 comfortably... or secret passages and doors, either. This is very much a Dream House, not one I think I'm ever going to afford without a miracle or three. It'd be so worth it though... room for everyone, privacy, space, comfort, and the sheer pleasure of knowing that yes, everyone I care about could come all at once to visit and there'd be room and supplies... yes, the House would be stocked better than some bunkers, I fully intend to be prepared for zombies, werewolves, vampires, roving bandit hordes, plague, famine, earthquake, volcano, snowstorms, flooding, drought, alien invasion, and my mother. What? She qualifies as a natural disaster in my book. *grin*

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