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Gah. So yeah, still basically no computer until I can get a half-decent chair - trying to sit on the stool makes my back hurt even worse and is at a horrible height, Cate is using the laptop during the day, and I've been alternating awake-but-busy-crafting with lots-of-sleep that hasn't actually been any GOOD, so I'm constantly tired. Ick. Also I seem to have a mild flu or something, queasy a lot and m'nose is stuffed up. Whee.

I'm almost done with the next update for the quiz; I'm waiting on testing a couple of craft ideas with Deborah, then up it goes. Once that's done, any further updates will require more money, I am SO not doing more for free, fun as this in some ways was. Oh, if you're interested, you can take the quiz here. There are 28 possible answers, 33 once the update is finished, and the update will also include two new questions, possibly three.

If you're interested in having a custom-made quiz for a product line you sell or something of the sort, feel free to contact me; keep in mind that as putting this stuff together IS actual work and hellishly time-consuming I do charge, if you want a free quiz you can go to one of the quiz sites out there and make your own. (Yes, if you have some uber-nifty quiz idea, already have the graphics made for it, it has 10 or less possible results, and I'm bored, you can likely talk me into making it just for the hell of it.)

The main reasons someone was willing to pay me to make their quiz and why I think I may be hired by other people:

  • I come up with all the text, the coding, the html, the results, and the questions; it's all original and usually pretty entertaining. Speaking from experience, most people who have an idea for a quiz find it frustrating to try to write up a paragraph or two of text per result, come up with 7-10 questions that can in some way relate to the results and to the theme, come up with enough possible answers to the questions to make sure all of the results have a chance of being gotten... and then type all of that out into a series of HTML pages along with the code for the quiz itself and any page formatting.

  • I will make or resize any graphics to make sure each quiz result has not only some nifty text but also a pretty picture. This can include putting the text description of the results into the picture, actually taking photographs to get the images needed, and of course this also includes background graphics for the web page the quiz is in.

  • There are NO random banner ads, any links are either to your site or to sites you want to link to, there's no pop-up advertisements, none of the crap you get on 'free' quiz sites. Because the quiz is hosted on your own site (or for a fee to cover bandwidth, on mine) the ONLY advertising you'll see is for your own stuff.

  • The quiz can be hosted ON your site, so people won't be off browsing some other site, and there will be links to your main page on the quiz page so people can't get lost. Most of the places that let you create free quizzes expect you to just link the the finished quiz stored on their site. That means that anyone clicking on the quiz is no longer on your site, no longer looking at your stuff, and usually won't bother clicking the 'back' button.

  • The look and feel of the quiz can be customized to match your site's layout and colors, making it very much a part of your site rather than some tacked-on separate page. I can use the same graphics and colors as the rest of the site or I can create custom graphics that have the same base colors.

  • If there are any problems with the quiz or if later you want to add more results or questions, it can be taken care of. Making sure the quiz views and runs correctly in Firefox and IE and that the quiz results view correctly and can be pasted into standard journals is all included in the price, as is the first update/change. Further updates/changes can be done, but I will charge a per-hour rate.

Yes, there is a reason the stuff above is typed out in detail, I need to remember to actually get it up on inklantis. *wry grin*

Torian: a task for you once you wake, t'lesh. See if you can track down a good version of "Ode to Joy", one without words preferably, also the soundtrack from "Plunkett & Macleane" (which is a kickass movie that you should watch, if you haven't yet). I am in desperate need of music and emule on the laptop hates me.

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