Hey, an entry that's both rushed and long. Neat trick.
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Four days since I updated, wow. >.> Hmm... breathing, pulse steady, hurt every time I move more than an inch... yep, still alive. Sorry I've been out of touch this week, October is always a complicated month. Y'know how a lot of places go mad around Christmas? Yeah, we start early here.

I've been asked to write something, another how-to guide similar to my piece on how to give a blowjob. This time it's not a piece aimed at girls, it's a piece aimed at guys. And it usually takes double-A batteries. Yes, I'm going to write it up. *grin* I can't resist a challenge.

News: getting teeth fixed, Angel up here around the 5th, one of Kaa's lights broke and needs to be fixed, mice are cute, refund from Wells Fargo WTF?, entire month apparently booked solid with Things That Must Be Done, if I update at all for the rest of the month it'll be a miracle unless I can scrounge up a desk chair; NO, puppy, I can't just sit on the floor. Degenerative. Spine. Disease. Spinal arthritis. Likely caused or at least helped by the time I spent doing just that, sitting on a floor or a lousy excuse for a chair trying to function. When there are more people here other than just Cate and I again we'll start moving furniture and setting things right and we'll buy a chair if I don't have one by then. Until then? I update very sporadically.

Cate's work is running her ragged until the end of October also, they're getting ready to ship and it's all hands on deck until then, as it were. Meaning: Cate is working late most days and when she does finally get off work she needs a bit of care and affection and quiet time, so until this thing ships and hallowe'en is come and gone and I've gotten my next nod from the doctor I'm honestly not likely to have much time at all.

Torian! Yes, I owe you a letter. Several letters. I swear to you, the day I actually have some comfortable computer time that's not at 4:30 in the morning when I have to get up the next day, you will be drowning in email. *lick* I miss you.

I've got my costume more or less planned out for any parties I go to, Rocky doesn't count as a party although I will be dressing up every chance I get for it, and oh! I've got to remember to go back to Pirate's Cove with the dollar-bill tassels if I can come up with useful ones, and ART STORE, I gave away too many pens, must replace them. I'll be starting on the restricted diet tomorrow too, one week eating NOTHING processed, no wheat, no milk, no corn, no nuts, no berries, no rye, no potatoes... yeah. You think that sounds easy? Try it for a day. I'm going to be eating meat and salad and that's about it. Maybe an apple or two. But... necessary.

I'm not cutting out rice because frankly, if I'm allergic to rice, I'm doomed. Gluten doesn't worry me, calories aren't my cup of tea, I'm not counting points or cutting carbs or drinking grapefruit juice all the time (my medications say not to). I'm just narrowing down my diet for a week, clearing out everything that I know might be a problem, and then SLOWLY, one at a time, trying foods to see what happens. If something makes me feel bad, makes the pain worse, makes me feverish or hyper or queasy or itchy or drowsy, out of my life it goes. I'm not going to wait around until New Year because I need things to start turning around NOW.

*shrug* It's 4:50 according to the laptop clock, I'm going to have to be up again in three hours. When we left the house this evening we had neither cell phone nor laptop, and this is the first chance I've gotten to write anything all day, we headed out as soon as Cate got off work (at 8).

I'm going to try to at least get an hour or so of sleep; if that fails, pity me. Tomorrow will be hellish. Thursday will be worse. And Friday will likely send me into a blind panic.

"Delilah" and "Sing" by The Dresden Dolls. Listen to 'em.

That's all I have to say right now.

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