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This entry is mostly to Torian but bits of it are of general interest and so on.

Yes, love, I did forget, for a while, my promise... not because I didn't care, but because when there was that break, and you asked me if I wanted you to update or not, somehow I spaced that this meant I had to continue replying. *sighs, smacks herself upside the head*

Truly, I AM both very busy and not in a position to get online for long at all right now. Again, there is ONE computer in the house that is really usable, and even after work hours are technically over, Cate still needs it convenient to her, which means out in the living room. There is nowhere in the living room for me to sit and have both internet access and good back support. I am trying not to strain my back at ALL right now, I need to be able to tell whether aches and pains are due to diet or to the position I'm in.

I've been up at really odd hours, having to sleep whenever I can so I can be conscious for calls to insurance, doctor, dentist (and dental appointments, yay), pharmacy, my parents, and then running interface between two or more of the above later in the day. I'm bouncing back and forth between home, Dixon House, and the coast. There are two Rocky showings each week instead of one through this month, and rehearsals happen frequently, where the laptop is needed - yes, when Cate is doing rocky rehearsals, I cannot use the laptop. When we're in the car generally, I can't. When we're at Rocky, I can't. When we're out to eat, shop, run errands, I can't. Can't at Walgreens, can't during weekdays, can't while I'm sleeping, can't while I'm cleaning hamster cages, trying to get bill payment settled with comcast, doing makeup/inkwork for anyone who'll pay me, working on that bloody stupid quiz... yeah. No, this isn't an excuse - trust me, I know I should have managed to update.

It's an explanation; when I'm not doing anything is, sadly, usually when Cate needs the laptop for something. I sleep, I try not to throw my back out completely, and I do errands when I can. When the pain gets bad, I take something for it... and then it's even harder to remember to log on. *sigh*

I do need to remember. I need to have it repeated to me, every time I forget, that I NEED TO BE HERE.

At the moment, I'm dealing with a headache, the first day of the near-starvation week that begins the trial diet, I'm tired and sore, and even typing this up is being done uncomfortably just to get it done. There's a movie on, subtitled, and I'm missing bits of it... yes, writing this and talking to Torian is much more important. When I've posted this and nuzzled her again I'm going to go back to laying down, watching the subtitles, and hopefully fall asleep. Sitting up is painful.

Speaking of her... *grins muchly* ...I have three nifty presents made by me over the last week for her, as well as some interesting art supplies that I'm betting she will like. And she'll read this entry, and wonder what I'm sending, and I totally do not intend to tell. Surprises are good. And I hope, I hope muchly, that she will be glad to know I've been thinking of her this week even if I wasn't updating.

Anyway, to bring this to a close. It's october. I can't say this often enough, in October it's a miracle if I'm online at all. There's things to do, places to be, and the whole world is busy for me right now. *hugs y'all* I'll be trying harder to update at least once a day, so that m'lovely cat will have something to read upon waking. I know quite well, unfortunately, that it would be even more of a miracle for me to be able to time each update for that. Once a day I WILL manage, come hell or high water. More than that I can't promise right now.

*pads off to ease the ouch*

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