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So yeah, Cate's ok, this is muchly good. I got a couple hours of sleep, not enough definitely, but a good place to start.

So damn tired... I haven't had good sleep in several days, I either get woken up by phone/people/noises outside constantly, have nightmares that make me unwilling to go back to sleep after I wake up from one, or feel horrible and thus keep getting half-awakened by pain every few minutes. At the moment I'm watching proof that yes, gay porn is just as silly as straight porn - a flick whose premise is that in the future, all men are legally required to participate in gay sex to keep themselves functional and sane, as there are apparently very very few women and access to them is only every few years. The story, what there is of it, follows an outlaw and his desire to get laid versus his determination not to obey such a law. *amused* I'm watching it in hopes of either getting off, or getting so bored that I'll be able to go back to sleep. Yes, I like gay porn. I've been asked why quite a few times, and I actually have an answer/explanation:

A lot of men like watching lesbian porn, yes? Seeing two hot girls going at it, even if there's not a man onscreen, is arousing and pleasurable for them. I feel the same way about watching two guys. I don't need to imagine myself in there, it's relaxing to just lay back and watch, enjoying the show. If anything, I'll pretend they're doing it for me, knowing I'm watching. It's a combination power trip and erotic display, and honestly, gay sex is... a bit more realistic. No fake tits, no fake orgasms, no 10-inch high heels, no plastic surgery, and the kink scenes are way more entertaining. Hell, even the costumes tend to be better. Yeah, there's some abysmal gay porn out there, but the ratio of good gay porn to bad gay porn is MUCH better than good straight porn to bad straight porn. I adore women, I get quite a bit of pleasure from the occasional forced-feminization of some men, women are great to play with and snuggle and torment, but there's a fairly large chunk of me that isn't satisfied with just women. Cocks are nifty. ^.^

Not that THIS porn is a particularly good one. Apparently all the women were deported, shipped off somewhere else. The first scenes are set in and just outside of a bar full of guys dressed in costume for a new year's party, and the next scene (the one I'm watching now) is a therapist's office that looks more like what you'd expect from a room in a cheesy goth/greek-themed brothel. o.O Skulls, lounge chairs, gold draperies, a statue of Pan, a cheap brass urn... yeah. It's terrifying, amusing, and actually kinda cool all at once. Hehe, the chair the main character is sitting in has horns jutting up from the back, how very freudian. Also, so far every one of the haracters seems to have fake eyelashes on ONE eye, clockwork-orange-style. O.o I have no idea why. Oh hey, apparently they wander around in bondage gear and tacky costumes even when it's NOT a party. And the bar looks better when it's not full of celebrating drunks.

That's another thing about gay porn, now that I'm thinking about it - there's a lot more of a sense of domination and submission. Even normal, seemingly vanilla gay porn usually has a very definite top and bottom. It's definitely one of the things I like about it. I enjoy a bit of kink in my porn, and this is one way to be sure I'll get it rather than accidentally getting some skinny little bimbo wielding a fake leather flogger and missing half the time while trying to whip some balding fat guy or some other equally-clueless chick in snap-on leather cuffs. *muttersnark* Hehe, silliest shirt ever just appeared - it looks like someone managed to sell the love child of a belt factory and a fencing company to a blind goth clothing designer. Seriously, this shirt is ridiculous, I cannot imagine anyone willingly paying money for it.

Mmm, nothing like watching a sweet little boy with his mouth open wide, face shoved down hard, seeing him getting a nice thick cock down his throat as deep as it will go whether he wants to suck it or not. *shiverpurrrr* There's just something unbelievably hot about it. The look in his eyes, the way his back arches, the moans of pleasure and need and even a little bit of fear... ohh so good.

Now if they'd just shut up. This particular threesome going on now can't seem to understand the difference between a bit of dirty talk to make the moment more stimulating and constant chattering interspersed with swearing that sounds like someone fed them far too much caffeine and sugar just before the shoot. Nice boots, though. *posts this edit, will type more in another edit*

Far too much talk, I swear the little blonde guy with the little blonde beard needs a gag rather than a fucking. No, I mean it, someone just needs to shove a sock in his mouth, it's like listening to someone with Tourette's. Also, "Bite that tit" is not a reasonable statement during an all-male orgy. I don't care what you mean, 'tit' really isn't slang that applies to a nice well-muscled but still pretty flat male chest. Aaaand now one guy's laying on the bar with the other two jacking off onto him. Add that to the list of things I only rarely understand; cum is MESSY, getting it everywhere just means you have even more cleanup to do. It's one thing if you're just shooting on a face, and you have good enough aim that it all goes there. If you're getting the other guys, the bar, the floor, and a support pole? You're DOING IT WRONG.

Ok, so now the main character is strapped to some sort of medical chair with a device strapped to his head, it's some sort of electrical therapy for him, trying to get him to enjoy gay sex instead of staying faithful to his absent girlfriend. It's just so bizarre. We're hearing an internal monologue from him, complaining about the fact that he sees gay men. A couple of guys are going down on him and his cock is amazingly soft for someone getting licked and sucked and nibbled. I'm betting they filmed that little shot just AFTER he'd finished cumming.

Wow, that's disturbing. One of the cocks looks like the guy either has a burst blood vessel running the length of it or he's bleeding from the tip. *twitch* I think I'm going to stop watching now.

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