Shower time for meeeee!
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Parchment paper, translucent. It could also be rice paper, a gel sheet, waxed paper, or a transparency - yes, a sheet of clear plastic that can be written on with sharpies and such and projected onto an overhead screen with a light behind it is just called a transparency, as far as I know. o.O I get the general idea though, and that's a pretty awesome technique.




So there's this boy who shows up at Rocky most nights. He's young, not 21 yet but over 18. He always wears dreadlocks, too-large pants, and a wary expression. He's a druggie, hard and deep, and his behavior pretty much screams 'potential submissive'. He... (this is the part where I start to really sound creepy) ...reminds me of Kadin, if Kadin had found drugs before he found me instead of after.

You'd know him if you saw him. It's the eyes. The hurt, the look that he tries to hide, the scars carved so deep he's only half-aware of them. He's desperately trying to find himself, and I suspect if he doesn't accomplish that soon he's going to end up hooked on something nasty and die quick. He's hanging with people who care about him, I'll give him that, but...

I'd bet none of them knows why he's always doped up. Not the real reasons.

I can see myself in him. I can see Kadin in him. I can even see a hint of Rhett. He's got potential.

Tomorrow I'll likely be offline for most of the day; I've got a new warpaint I want to try out and it'll require some serious time in front of a mirror, and it's Saturday then so off to Rocky, out all night, and with any luck, extremely busy once we come back.

I've been trying to coax the broken boy over for several weeks now. It's sort of like getting a stray dog who was abandoned as a pup to trust you - offer treats, talk softly, let him see I mean no harm. Each week he comes closer and closer. Yes, posting the details of what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, how I'm doing it, could potentially ruin it... but I dun' think he gets online all that often and really, by the time he reads this it'll be too late. *evil, ominous laughter*

...ok, yeah, hamming it up a bit. I'm honestly not all that interested in him physically other than as a canvas, but because of where I've been, what I've done, I can't ignore him either. He's going to need someone to turn to soon and much as I like Elliot (his friend, or rather the ringleader in his group of friends), I can't see him taking care of anyone but family. So I'm going to make sure I can be there when the boy falls.


In other news, I've got quite a few inked images that I need to scan in, clean up somewhat, and send to Linda to see if she wants to buy 'em. Box patterns, random art, the Circle series, and of course the card-sized things and the altoids tin-sized ones. Some swirls, some other stuff, cute bugs, a spiderweb... heh. I'm hoping she'll like enough of the pieces to cover the rest of my dental bills and pull us up out of the financial hole for a while. I've been meaning to get stuff scanned in and put up for ages, it's only now that I'm really getting it organized though. *shrug*

The construction workers are still at it outside the living-room window. Banging, sawing, talking... Cate and I are both dressed, and it's actually kinda weird.

I'm still sad about the hamster babies.

Gonna take a shower soon, scrub my cares away and all that, and I can't believe it's only 2:45 now. I still haven't slept. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be sleeping tonight either, and if I don't sleep after Rocky... lots and lots of hours awake. >.> It's getting colder now, winter is almost here, and I need less sleep. Anti-hibernation, heh.

Oh! If it becomes possible at some point, we're going to get me a scooter. That'll let me brace myself, get some exercise without hurting my back even more, let me get around better, etc. Yep, one of the slender 2-wheel, platform, and a stick with handles sort of thing. I'm actually looking forward to it, it'll be fun to be able to get around again.

Enjoying the books, selia? *grin* The ones you're reading now are a taste of the city life, Ankh-Morpork, but once you're done with them and if you want to read more, I'm going to get you started on the witches. My view of religion and spirituality has been significantly affected by Pratchett's witches. I think you'll understand once you read.

Also, if I do manage to sell some stamp art to Linda soon, when would be good for a three-day up here? As in we pick you up after work on the first day, you spend the second day up here, and we get you back by morning of the third day. We need to actually sit down and talk out the disability stuff, too - I'm going to need your participation if I'm going to have anything resembling an accurate work history and such. I get distracted, I forget where I am in the list of jobs, etc. Having someone else to talk to and through it would make it a lot easier.

Third thing: Cate is still quite bruised, and I am still quite amused by this. ^.^

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