Giggles and munchies and hamsters, oh my!
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Hehehe... so yeah, penguins. Thank you, Dalton. >.>

I'm back home now; Cate and I ended sleeping in until some time after 6pm this afternoon, apparently we were both exhausted and hadn't quite realized it. This is ok, more or less, and it does mean we've caught back up on sleep to the point where if I go a day or two without again I won't be passing out on my feet or anything. Tomorrow will be Tuesday, two more days and there'll be new horror flicks on FearNet, a day after that and I think it's payday, and the day after ~that~ I go in to the dentist again. Gonna clean up some more stamp images tonight and get them up, likely just circlestamps and maybe another set-of-three for the boxes, but hey, it's a start.

The adventist hospital on 112th - I'm not sure what its' exact name is, but they're both adventist hospitals and should have been able to cross-access records, thus more of my annoyance with them. They totally failed to communicate when I KNOW that they're both part of the same Oregon group of hospitals and share staff regularly. I'll try to remember to call both and double-check that you're authorized to go through my records; if I forget, please poke me.

I've been rather lazily exchanging emails with Juliet's Scott - yes, that particular descriptive term hasn't been really applicable for a large number of years but honestly, when I try to remember any other way of sorting them out I either completely forget, or get it backward every other time. o.O It's been good to talk with him, he's one of the people I miss fairly often and his writing is astonishingly fun to read. I seriously hope he does eventually get some screenplays sold and produced, as I'm pretty damn sure they would make for better viewing than most of the crap I've been watching lately. *twitch* No, really, have you seen the Nick Cage version of "The Wicker Man"? Yeah. That's so bad we're considering RHPS'ing it on the assumption that we cannot make it any worse, or better really, so we might as well make fun of it.

Hmm. I just realized that the smell of pot and the smell of a laundry-scented hamster are disturbingly similar. He had better not be raiding the neighbors via the wall. O.o Although it would explain why he's been so laid-back the last couple days. Great, I've got a druggie hamster in addition to the flamingly gay one, the sexually-crazed one, the one who is seriously attempting to fit The Entire World into his cheek pouches, and the one who freaks any time you touch her. My rodents are weirder than I am.

Well, except Miss Mouse. She's pretty normal, for a mouse.

Though... according to the condo newsletter there have been mice and rats seen around the condos, so she may be luring strangers in. *snicker* Ehh. Rodents are at least amusing.

Oh hey, yeah, and there's a new Torchwood available on On-Demand that I can watch later. Cool.

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