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Seems I'm not the only one who has self-destructed in the last few weeks... what is it about this time of year? It's supposed to be happy, full of thanksgiving and generosity and quite a lot of other bullshit that as far as America is concerned, only exists to sell things. *mutter* So we're left with several months when we're forced to smile at the people we hate, expected to spend money we can't afford on people who don't want what we give them, it's cold and wet and windy and everyone turns into raving asshats.

Selia, I'll do my best to stick by the phone for the next couple of days; if you need someone to talk with, call me. I'll be here. And yes, I will find a way to get down to the coast for at least a day or so soon, take you out for a decent dinner and a stiff drink or three. You sound like you could use a few hours of not-caring and not-hurting. *hugs you tightly*

And Torian... gods, Torian I can't drive down to see, can't just call up, can't DO anything because this time of the year already has me so stressed out that I'm borderline seizure with constant headaches and occasional blackouts, so I'm not even online as much as I want to be. I'm not taking amatryptaline - right now I can't really afford to get any more woozy or seizure-prone - and the doctor fucked up my lorazipam script again (Cate and I had decided long before the recent... discussion... with her that if she couldn't manage to get my scripts refilled correctly, we were going to find another doctor - she keeps giving me pills with instructions to take 4x daily, and giving me 60 or 90 of them, and bitching if I want it refilled before the end of the month, fucking crazy woman). I'm taking my other medications as ordered, and intend to continue to do so; thank you, by the way, Radu. Proving you wrong is always a wonderful incentive. *wry grin* I still say it's unfair to scold me when the bottle says take four daily, the doctor says it should last a month, and the pharmacy says the scrip is for 60. This has happened every fucking month for the last what, four months? So yeah, I refuse to be snarked at because of someone else's utter failure to understand basic math.


Anyway, going back to curling up and whimpering; my back's being pretty horrid today and I have that lovely stabbity side pain of doom. I'm hoping I get better soon, Cate's out with her 4th-grade crush and may be bringing said crush home and I'd like to at least be functional enough to say hello. *sigh*

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