Dammit, this is Not Good.
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*faint amusement* You're wrong, kitten. I keep up with every journal on my list, and yours is still there... or there again, or something like that. I really can't resist.

You'd be surprised just how determinedly I keep track of those I care about. So would a couple other people, come to think of it. Ehh. It's in a feline's nature to stalk, is it not? And I do warn them that I'm not the sort to let go easily. Amazing how often people end up in some way surprised by the fact that even years after the fact, I'm still here... I suspect most of the surprise is because I am abysmal at Being Here consistently during the actual relationship, I'm sick or sleeping or out at Rocky or stuck in California or in the hospital or hiding from the world or generally unavailable. I can't blame them, honestly.

It's kind of ironic, really. I can't be here for the ones who are counting on me, and yet I end up being here for the ones who don't expect it at all... heh. Ecthelion. This is one of those moments when I wonder why the hell anyone puts up with me, and at the same time can't figure out why anyone who could put up with me would stop... which is proof that my painmeds must be wearing off, if I can't wrap my head around that.

Hell, I shouldn't even be typing; every click of the keys is adding to the headache. One of the pulled teeth, the socket seems to have gone up into the bone and may have cracked it slightly, this much sinus pain connected to jaw pain and with a headache that gets worse both from sound and from anything warm or cold in my mouth pretty much screams exposed bone or exposed nerve. Ehh, I suppose it could be dry socket, I've heard that's horrible, but it doesn't feel like what I've heard dry socket described as. Oh, and bonus - I won't be able to see the dentist about it until Monday, more than likely, but I'm going to be out of meds sometime Saturday. Whee.

I'm going to go beat myself in the head until either the outside of my head hurts enough to distract me from the pain inside my head or I'm unconscious.

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