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Missing you more than usual, breagh... I've realized that the last few times I've been stressing about something around the time you were worrying about me, somehow whatever I was stressing about just... gets solved. I think you're something of a good luck charm. *amused* Remind me to thank you properly next time I can get my paws on you.

So again with the on-demand - I've now watched Transformers twice and am onto something else for a while. "Ben 10", to be specific, Cartoon Network on-demand. The first four or five episodes are up, as well as some later episodes that I'm not sure I'm going to watch as I do prefer to watch things in order. I'm going to at least watch the first few, as it seems pretty cool.

When you're going through the on-demand menu, about 2/3 of the screen is the menu, the top third is divided in half, and the right-hand half shows a constant On Demand 'show' that has clips from the latest movies, interesting series, interviews with actors and directors, and so on. It repeats itself every hour or so, and changes every day or three. It's how I found out about Ben 10 - they advertised it for the last day or so and I finally got curious enough to watch. The previewbits they showed seemed pretty cool but well, it IS a kid's show... but after Transformers it's actually not that bad a transition and it's being lots of fun.

The general idea is that a kid gets a strange alien device stuck to him that lets him transform into any one of ten different alien forms. The transformation doesn't last for all that long, and has to recharge once it's been used (at least so far, they've hinted that maybe that will change eventually), and while each shape does have special powers they also have problems too. He basically gets to play superhero, although the show seems to take place while he's out on summer vacation with his uncle and girl cousin. He hates said cousin, who also hates him. It's very cute.

It's also, unlike a lot of cartoons nowadays, animated in a very traditional style - black outlines, painted backdrops, no weird outlineless or overly-outlined things, actual good animation. Think of... oh, Smurfs, My Little Ponies, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin, that kind of thing.

The backdrops are a bit less in focus than a lot of shows, it's like... hmm. Like someone slightly blurred and slightly pixilated them. Actually pretty cool, it's enough to make the look of the show just unique enough to be fun to watch on an artistic level while still keeping it easy to see and easy to understand... yes, shows like Samurai Jack, to pick one glaring example, actually annoy the hell out of me. I don't watch cartoons to spend the entire time trying to figure out what's character, what's background, and what's just Random Prop.

I've been typing this while watching, it's now nearly 6:40. For some reason I've been really enjoying watching TV from my char, and occasionally even Cate's chair. If I try to sit on the floor I end up having to lay down, and it's hard to get a good point of view doing that. In my chair I can watch comfortably, and distract myself from pain even more by typing, playing simple games, and if necessary just putting on winamp visualizations and staring at 'em. I am definitely a geek, soothed by a computer. *wry grin*

I've also been updating a LOT today, in case you hadn't noticed. It's the first day I've really felt good enough to BE at the computer this often, even if I'm not really paying attention to it much - which yes, is why I'm not on AIM, I'm typing 90% of the entry content without even looking at the screen and am frequently distracted by the TV, trying to hold a conversation would be somewhat difficult. I'm more than a bit medicated, which is also part of why I feel ok. I've got another dental appointment on Tuesday (there was no charge for the one today and might not be on Tuesday, Gentle Dental rocks) and I'm not looking forward to it particularly; we'd just gotten it figured out how much it would cost and gotten a Plan, but as our insurance is changing NOW we'll have to re-figure everything and it might end up being more expensive. Cate was signing the paperwork a few hours ago.

With the way the insurance is going to work out, it looks like Cate's going to have to ask for a raise, which frankly it's About Damn Time. She's seriously important, has a lot of responsibility, a lot of work, and for the last year or so every time we point out to her that she should have a raise, she basically blows it off by saying that her boss 'just doesn't think about that'. Which IMO simply means she should REMIND him, but yeah. Deborah and I ended up chatting quite a bit today - she drove me to the dentist, we went out for lunch afterward, and after I talked with Cate I called her to pass on news and let her know Cate's ok - and we talked a fair bit about just how ridiculous it is that they've been asking so much of Cate and depending on her so much but not doing jack-all to balance her financial compensation with her job.

Heh, nearly 7:00 now. Instead of posting a lot of smallish updates, this is going to be a fairly large one. That's ok; it's been a while since I've really chattered on here properly and I have definitely missed it. There's something satisfying about just getting everything out of my head and into text. It's a feeling that nothing else quite matches. I guess that's why people have had journals of one sort or another pretty much as long as they've had writing. I admit sometimes I miss writing on paper, but it's so much easier to type while doing other things than to write. I have enough trouble writing in nice straight lines even when I'm paying full attention to it.

Come to think of it, that's kinda weird - I can draw straight lines pretty darn well and I've got a good eye, dunno why my writing always drifts off at odd angles.

I'm out of the first few Ben 10 episodes now and am not sure what to watch next. Possibly Transformers again. ^.^ Possibly just other cartoons, possibly even sleep soon. It's a nice night... and since I was awake before 5am feeling pretty crappy, it actually wouldn't be too odd to fall asleep now. My body seems to like the 10-hours-awake and 5-hours-asleep thing. Pity days aren't 30 hours long.

Apparently what I'm doing now is checking out another cartoon that I seem to remember hearing good things about. The episodes aren't numbered, just titled. It's a mostly-live show, actually... and it's disturbing me. Likely gonna stop watching it after this episode, it's not nearly as cool as I thought it might be. No, actually. I'm going to stop NOW. This is just getting more stupid. Wow.

I think what I'm actually going to do is throw on a horror flick, eat a bit of non-dairy ice cream, and then get some sleep. Posting this now, 7:30... heh. Wrote for over an hour.

Here's hoping y'all have an infinitely better day than my last couple, and a life as good as mine is on the whole. *grin* Pain or not, flu or not, alone at the moment or not... I still wouldn't switch with anyone else in the world.

Actually no, I'd love to switch with someone incredibly rich for about, oh, 48 hours, then switch back to myself and enjoy being wealthy. *smirk* Not that I like the idea of completely taking someone over, using their body, their money, and then just dumping them like last week's garbage. Not at all. Really. *snickerpurr*

Ok. Posting. ANd copying, so I can paste and try posting again if Diaryland eats this one.

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