It's going to make me SCREAM but it's Alan Rickman, dammit.
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Hehehe, pictures... *happy* There's something nifty about being able to see even a fraction of someone's life, and it's better when it's someone I care about. I'm going to be dreaming of pine trees and rain on windows.

I'm watching a movie on FearNet - they used to update every thursday but now it seems that they're updating on saturdays instead. *boggle* They're still SAYING thursday, but their new movies aren't showing up on-demand until saturday, for some reason. Stupid. The only reason I'm watching this particular movie, which is the sort that normally would drive me from the room twitching, is that one of the main characters is Alan Rickman. Yes, I'm a fangirl, hush.

He's playing a rather... dull character, actually. Hard to like, kind of rude, a lawyer. It's not too bad as movies go, honestly. It's just... there are some movies that I can't bear to watch for a reason that I can't really explain. I've tried for years and all I can manage is that they make me want to hit everyone in them upside the head. That's not the real reason, it's just sort of a biproduct... by-product? Darned if I know. Anyway, it's almost incidental but it makes a good brief explanation when people ask me.

I want to explain it better, I do. It drives me nuts that I can't quantify this, can't put it into words, can't make someone else understand why I run from this instead of suffering through it or realizing right away and just not watching it to begin with. Yes, sometimes I can catch on just from the back of a box or the description on TV but sometimes, like now, I get lured in and only realize part of the way through that it's making me uncomfortable.

It's usually the 'deep drama' sort of movie that sets me off, though romantic comedy can do it too. I'm not a fan of most chick flicks, I hate most crime drama, I can't stand the sopranos and refuse to watch law and order, I won't touch movies like 'the waterboy' with a ten-foot-pole... but flicks like this one, 'Dark Harbor', just... they sneak up on me.

I still have the $20 that Cate left and I'm very tempted to go buy either booze or fuzzies. I'm not; it's a bad idea for me to drive, it's a worse idea for me to break down and take something I know I don't need. I feel... I feel horrible, actually, coughed out another stitch this morning and frankly I could have used either four more hours of sleep or four less, but there's just... no point. Part of it's the movie, I can't seem to turn it off but it's just painful to watch. *twitch*

God I wish there was booze left over here.

...I want to hit all three of them, a LOT, hit them until they shut up and behave like sensible human beings.

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