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Wow. Ok, first off, Torian? Those are AWESOME. *boggled* Just, wow. Lots of wow.

Second, speaking of wow, William Shatner (Captain Kirk to you kiddies) has done a commercial for WoW. He's a Tauren shamen. ~^.^~ Cate and I suspect that the reason this commercial happened is that someone in the WoW staff noticed that he was playing, ended up talking to him, and the idea just sort of *poof* appeared. It's pretty awesome. At the very least, he sounds like a WoW player in it, one of the better ones, it rocks.

Third! Last night was WEIRD. A... what, 3-ish hour block of time was spent driving down to the Greyhound station and back.

Now, for those who don't know Portland, under normal circumstances a trip like that would take us... oh, about an hour. Maybe a bit more if there's traffic or bad weather. This started around 11 pm, and then Things Got Weird.

I'll start out by saying that Cate wasn't precisely sober, not by a LONG shot. She wasn't drunk or stoned, but was NOT sober, and while both legal to drive and able to drive, tended to get... a bit distracted and confused, to say the least.

We had originally intended to go pick up some chick named Treat (not her real name, I'm gonna use Not Real Names for most of this because yeah, dun' think they would like to be talked about) from the Greyhound station, since wet, cold weather, luggage, and public transit is a lousy combination. What we ended up doing was this - pay close attention, this gets loopy very quick:

Hop in the car, drive to somewhere out around 120th and Stark in darkness and pouring rain. Discover that portions of Stark are in fact underwater. Pick up a female friend of Treat, with whom she will be staying... call her LDG. Drive in the rain through more lakes to the Greyhound station downtown. During this trip there has been conversation between Cate and Treat on Cate's cell phone, and LDG and Coat Boy on LDG's phone.

Realize friend is Not There Yet, go to VooDoo Donuts, hang out in a parking lot for a while, and finally return to the Greyhound Station. By the time we arrive at the station, Cate, who is still not sober, ends up with both phones on either side of her head, trying to figure things out.

This utterly fails, I take the phones, settle plans, and off we go.

Out to northeast, the ghetto area. No, seriously. This is a part of town I'm not comfortable driving in alone, it's that bad, and I wouldn't be caught dead there alone at night in the car. Drive to Coat Boy's house, pick him up, he climbs in the back with LDG (remember, Cate's car is a 2-door little car, basically like a Rabbit, almost NO room). Drive another 20+ blocks as the crow flies to another house in northeast.

Muttered discussion all the way there, Coat Boy asks if Cate and I want anything while he's in there; as hey, I'd rather use penguins than vicodin most days and we had some cash, or at least had before we stopped for donuts and coffee, I say yes, bring us out $20. If you don't know what I'm talking about here, just relax. Either you'll get it, or you really don't need to know. *smile*

Boy goes in. We wait. Boy comes out. Says "So I have two bags, take a look, Cate, pick what you think is fair, and do you want the Spiderman bag or the plain bag?" I say, while Cate is examining something I can't see too clearly, "Spiderman, of course." The Spiderman bag is dropped in Cate's purse, and off we go, back downtown.

Discover Stark is indeed still flooded. Hydroplane a lot, whee.

Arrive at the Greyhound station. Treat is there now, talking to someone whose name I didn't catch at the time; we'll call him Nathan. *smirk* His ride apparently couldn't make it to pick him up tonight, it was POURING rain, hella cold, and he's not from the area so he doesn't even know where to go to get out of the rain. She asks if we know anywhere warm he could crash... and yeah, us being us, he's sleeping on the inflatable bed right now.

However! As we were picking up Treat and her luggage, already had four people in a 2-door car, etc. I told him that we WOULD come back for him, but that we had to drop the others off first.

So yeah, he just got told by a fat chick wearing catface makeup and a car full of stoners that they'll be back. Eventually. Poor guy.

Off we go, back out to 120th and Stark. Stop at 39th and Belmont, pick up supplies, and I take over driving because THE ENTIRE TRIP has required me to give Cate directions every ten seconds. Literally. If I didn't keep saying 'Cate, go forward', she'd just sort of randomly TURN unexpectedly, and I had to warn her about turns two or three blocks away and start chanting 'Turn in three blocks, turn in two blocks, turn in one block, turn there by X landmark, turn, turn there, no Cate, turn THERE, that way, over there, back up, yeah, in there'. Did I mention she wasn't sober? I don't actually have my license at the moment but honestly, we were safer with me driving. *blink*

Back to 120th and Stark. Drop Treat, LDG, and Coat Boy off. I hear murmured discussion outside, there is talk of money, I think they're discussing the purchases and the repayment for the ride, but they won't talk to ME as I'm still in the car, they're talking to extremely Out Of It Cate in low tones outside in POURING RAIN. Someone eventually gives Cate $20. Much baggage confusion, since as far as I can tell I am the ONLY sober person in the car (and let me tell you, that's a weird feeling for me), and head back downtown.

Pick up Nathan, get panicked call from the trio who say they've left something. A bag. A small bag. Confusion. Cate is the one talking to them, and it's a good 10 minutes before I can get on a straight and clear enough road in this weather to take the phone from her as she's in the back seat and again I point this out, NOT SOBER. More discussion, as I attempt to figure out what actually happened to the bag - the spiderman bag - and what, if anything, we should be doing.

Drive back to 120th and Stark, wait 5 minutes for one of them to manage to find their shoes, wait 5 more minutes for them to find their REAL shoes, they come out, the bag is handed over minus about half its' contents, and off we go.

Out to Gresham, home, blow up the airbed, get ourselves comfy, make sure Nathan was sound asleep - he snores a tiny bit, it's kinda cute - and get a bit of sleep ourselves.

The first part of that trip... gah! Cate was driving, but completely useless for anything unless she was given moment-by-moment directions. There was CONSTANT phonetag, I don't think there was more than a 15-minute stretch of time between us arriving downtown for the first time and us picking up Treat where there wasn't someone doing something with a phone. There was water EVERYWHERE, flooding on a lot of the roads, and me attempting to take directions from the tripping guy and the stoned girl, translate them for the fuzzing girl, and getting her to drive according to them. There was navigation in northeast, which is an area I don't know well any more, in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain.

We have a total stranger sleeping on our guestbed. The mice and the snake are watching him. We have one of my keychain bottles filled with penguins for later use. We have gatoraid as I got seriously dehydrated over the last few days, food, drink, feminine hygiene products, and more.

It's just about 9:30 am now, and I woke up with the details of Robert's Christmas present in my mind, and I'm going to leave some notes here for myself for later.

Bento Plus - rent a boat? Draw up the order, not just write it up. Pineapple rings, m. cherries, coconut milk, rum. Penguin movie! Coupon, hand-written, hand-decorated. One Tropical Paradise Dinner, complete with movie, 24 hours' notice appreciated but not required. ^.^ It's going to be awesome.

I'm going to get my ass out of bed now, get something to drink, and likely watch some TV; I'm typing this on the laptop in bed, yay for Cate being home again. *grin* It was an interesting night last night, and today we have to negotiate Nathan's hookup with his ride who is driving here from Boring, Oregon. Yes. Boring. We've already heard the jokes. ALL of them. Yes.

Wish me luck.

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