A very specific message for someone.
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Seriously worried about Torian now... gods, why can't I and those I care about have a nice week where nothing goes wrong for any of us?

The answering machine is on the fritz too, so if you've left a message and it's not there now/you haven't gotten a response from us, it might have gotten eaten, please try calling back. *sigh*

Got semi-plans for tomorrow morning, and of course Rocky at night. Anything in between is negotiable as long as you can get my tired ass on the phone long enough to explain what's going on.

PUPPY, UPDATE. I'm seriously tired of this. I can't get through to you on the phone, you only call when I'm not here/in the bathroom/too ill to talk, when I DO call you back, all I get is your voicemail which is pretty fucking useless when as you yourself said, you never check it. You don't answer emails, you're not anywhere online that I can get to, but I can fucking FEEL you drawing from me just as clearly and as greedily as I've drawn from you at times. COMMUNICATE... hell, you bitch at me about this often enough, learn from your own words. Update.

If you want to whine about it, call it me taking charge of one more useless tangle in your life and straightening it out enough to keep you from turning into exactly the sort of time-wasting, frustrating, pig-headed, mule-arsed, testosterone-laced moron who lets something important slide because he's too busy getting the shit kicked out of him or his last few grains of common sense fucked out of him. Got that? This is me mildly annoyed. You want to try for actually pissed off? Here's your chance to add disobedience to the list of recent fuckups.

Update your damn journal. Not with a ten-word sulk about how aweful it is you have to take a few minutes from your life to write a few paragraphs. Not with some childish, smart-mouth response, either. I expect to see more than just your annoyance at being ordered to do something you don't find arousing or isn't something you were going to do anyway.


You've recently had a taste of where I'm wandering this winter, so to speak. The hungers, the shifts of persona, the new strength, the old cunning. You know just how it will feel to be wrapped in that, staring at the fire, or your floor, or even with your eyes closed, curled up and drowning in the heat of my words.

There's a price for everything, little one. This is the price you'll pay today.

Update. Make it something you know I'll take at least some pleasure in reading. You can bait your hooks as well as I bait mine, Radu. Try. See if you can hook me, get me curious, get me interested, get me aroused. Show me you still remember one of the skills that made me think you were worth claiming. I've the certainty that you still hold back quite a bit, that there are many places where you don't want to show your strength until you have to.

This time, pet... this time, you have to. Make me so delighted by the web of words you weave that I can't speak, can't eat, can barely breathe, just because of the thoughts your words have brought to view.

Update, pet.
I won't be updating here again until you do.

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