A Long Story
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For those who don't know, this is what an IM conversation with me ends up looking like:

thatstrangegyrl: Not, y'know, that I have any plans or anything.
thatstrangegyrl: *innocent look*

shivamd: Ah huh...suuuuuuure.........

thatstrangegyrl: *grins fondly* I love you, y'know.

shivamd: I love you too...
shivamd: God, there are so many things that you gave me to do, and I haven't done anything. I'm a bad pet. Why you love me is beyond me.

thatstrangegyrl: *nuzzles you fondly* Because you love me, mostly. And because every time you don't do something I told you to do, I don't feel quite as bad about my own forgetfulness AND I get to spank you for it later. ^.^ Win-win, for me.

shivamd: *chuckles* Still. I feel pretty ashamed by now.

thatstrangegyrl: *grin* And likely you're blushing, which just makes my day better.
thatstrangegyrl: I love your ears.
thatstrangegyrl: They're like those light-up toys you always want when you're a kid, only for grown-ups.
thatstrangegyrl: The only way it would be better is if I could get your nipples to light up when your ears turned red, and I AM actively working on that.

shivamd: Yeah, ride me and call me rudolf...

thatstrangegyrl: *can't help giggling* This is even more funny because earlier I was stuck in traffic because of reindeer.
thatstrangegyrl: Literally, a live reindeer.
thatstrangegyrl: On the road.
thatstrangegyrl: Looking lost.

shivamd: Poor guy.

thatstrangegyrl: It was very surreal.

shivamd: Did you pet it?

thatstrangegyrl: No, I was driving, and in a hurry.

shivamd: You were driving?

thatstrangegyrl: There were people trying to catch it... yes, I was driving, long story.
thatstrangegyrl: Like, really long story.

shivamd: That what I'm here for.

thatstrangegyrl: That goes back about three days and involves why I am Not Allowed To Drink Rum In Public.
thatstrangegyrl: >.>

shivamd: Tell me!

thatstrangegyrl: ...

shivamd: Tell me tell me tell me tell me!
shivamd: =D
shivamd: Please?

thatstrangegyrl: ...so the night before last I started drinking because I was pissed about the doctor being an idiot, Hungry, hurting, and generally feeling crappy.
thatstrangegyrl: I started out with the intent of having a couple of wine coolers.
thatstrangegyrl: Somehow this turned into "pour 151 proof rum into a glass and wave juice at it".
thatstrangegyrl: I also at some point took my lorazipam, which has the effect of about doubling how drunk I get.
thatstrangegyrl: Then we went over to Dixon house...
thatstrangegyrl: ...I'm told I tried to play Spyro, and had interesting conversations, and apparently was very pleasant and entertaining. I can't remember any of it.
thatstrangegyrl: But we ended up spending the night there because I was too drunk to get to the car.

shivamd: Wow.

thatstrangegyrl: And then Cate was working over there all day yesterday, and I was stuck there, and had a HORRIBLE hangover and felt like crap but couldn't get home until late late late last night...
thatstrangegyrl: ...and then this morning I wanted to take the letter that I had started typing while drunk, rewrote while hungover, over to Dixon House to have Deborah look it over, print it out, and have her take me to the doctor to deliver it.
thatstrangegyrl: So Cate dropped me off over there and Deb helped me edit the letter from about 5 pages to 2.5 pages and corrected my drunken spelling, we printed it out, dropped it off, and I wanted to get some juice and aspirin but Cate had to work and Deborah didn't want to drive any more, so Cate just met me at the garage with the car keys.
thatstrangegyrl: And while I was out driving to get juice and aspirin (and blankets and stockings and more sharpies, I am sending you some little keychain sharpies in the Box too), Cate called to say that the doctor I had seen, who was NOT Dr. Gullo who was the original spine doctor I had seen...
thatstrangegyrl: ...had gotten in, and both doctors had read the letter, and Dr. Gullo was horrified, and the other doctor called Deborah and fell all over himself apologizing, and Dr. Gullo apologised too, and we had to get there within an hour to pick up the prescription before they left for the day.
thatstrangegyrl: And I was downtown.
thatstrangegyrl: So I drove back, stopped briefly because of reindeer, picked up Cate, and we just barely made it.
thatstrangegyrl: But now I have vicodin, and aspirin, and stockings, and fuzzy blankets, and sharpies, and Cate drove us home, and life is good again.
thatstrangegyrl: See, I told you it was a long story.

shivamd: I like long stories.
shivamd: Busy girl.

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