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Orders to Torian, written here so neither she nor I forget. Th' rest of you can politely ignore this. *grin*

- - -

15 to 60 minutes each day is to be set aside. The time is up to you; I will pause whatever I am doing (except doctor appointments, for obvious reasons) to make time for you, but of course would prefer at least some warning. You will never spend less than 15 minutes doing this, and never more than 60 minutes without a specific reason.

For this block of time, you are my cat. I will be with you on the phone, I will talk to you, keep you company, keep you safe, so that you won't have to feel this and be alone.

You will not speak, only make what noises are appropriate for a feline.

You will walk on all fours if you need to move about. You will curl up, sprawl out, or so forth on the floor or the bed. You will not sit or stand upright, and you will not sit on chairs, sofas, etc.

You will not use your fingers. If you don't have the self-control to keep from using them, you will have a pair of socks placed over your hands, making them into proper paws.

If possible, you will wear only your collar and cuffs. If you must wear clothing, only one layer is allowed - a shirt but no bra, pants but no panties, or panties and bra but no shirt or pants, etc.

If you need to eat or drink, you will do so out of a dish, without the use of your hands. You will make sure there is a dish of water already poured before each time whether you think you will want it or not.

You will restrict your motions to catlike ones as much as possible.

When the time is up/when you can't stand it any longer/when for some reason you need to return to human form, the first and only words out of your mouth will be "Rahani, your cat begs to be human again." You WILL wait until I have given you permission before speaking further, standing, and in general returning to being human.

You are many things to me, t'lesh... a friend, a lover, a companion, a slave, a pet, a playmate... but you are also as I first found you, a black-furred little cat. I think it will do you good to reacquaint yourself with your feline nature, to remember how it feels to be a cat. The peace that comes from being nothing but a small animal, Owned, claimed, loved, protected, is something I believe you have been missing for quite some time.

You WILL be my cat, Torian... I will strip away everything human, draw you down into feline form, until it feels as if you have always been a cat, until it comes as naturally to you as breathing. It is what I want you to be, a large part of what I expect from you, what I see in you, and what I intend to train into you. You are my cat, beloved...

...MY cat...

...and I will take considerable pleasure in reminding you of this.

*soft smile*

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