You already knew I'd be posting this entry. *wry grin* How could I not?
Previous - this entry written on December 15, 2007 at 4:55 pm - Next yeah, we're making sure we have chains for the car and I just got a couple more blankets; you've got comforters and pillows of your own too. We can't fit much in the car, but if you're willing to trust my father (NOT my mom, my dad, you know he's reliable) to hold onto some of your stuff until he can bring it up in his truck, we can at least fit the necessities. We won't be short on money at all for the next few months, you wouldn't be a burden, and honestly if you wanted a part-time job the plaid on the corner is always hiring. It doesn't sound like Puppy is going to need to come out here, his family seems to be treating him... well, tolerably compared to last year, at least, I doubt Kadin is likely to need a haven, Torian's stuck in Israel, and Scott (not the one you know) is doing well where he's at, so it's pretty certain you won't have to share a room with anyone but some of the hamsters.

Stay with Lyo as long as you think is wise for his sake... but beloved, I honestly need you here and it sounds like the best thing you can do is come to a safe, warm haven while the fireworks happen. Family... family is always a fucked-up thing on the coast, as you well know. Being the one in between Lyo and his kin IS going to rebound on you; read the cards, I suspect you'll see it as clearly as I have... perhaps you've seen it already, and just didn't want to think about it.

I can't just sit here and watch you get burnt, selia. Every moment of that inferno you know I'll feel as clearly as if it were happening to me.

Make your stand, try to save him - love and loyalty will let you do no less, I'm sure - but when things start burning, you have a place here waiting, you are welcome and wanted and needed. I'm going to have to start with a new doctor in January, I'm having some serious pre-seizure symptoms, and Cate's overloaded with work and can't go to appointments with me or keep an eye on me. I'd been fighting the urge to ask you again to come up for a while; now? Now I suspect it will be in your interest as well as in mine, and I am near-certain that within a few months you'll want to, need to, and by then the roads may be closed again or I may be in the hospital.

*shrugs slightly, hugs you* And if you say no, if you do stick it out down there, remember that if you want someone to talk to or a place to go, I'll be here.

So drowsy. I'm at Dixon Household right now, waiting for people to get off their arses so we can get going, but I keep nodding off and at this rate I'm going to just pass out on the guest bed and refuse to go anywhere, which would Not Be Good.

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