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So I Went Out today after I finally woke up, errand-running. Cate hasn't gotten much sleep lately and she was dead tired, so she ended up sleeping through most of the day. With my back out, I can't pick up anything - even my pen box is too heavy, which really bites - and I'm well aware that I should have someone with me if I'm planning to be out for any length of time.

I ended up calling Orion, who is usually bored in the late afternoon, and offered him dinner if he'd come be a loot monkey for me. This worked wonderfully. I'd done dinner with my mother and sister and Cate last night, gotten Christmas and birthday presents from 'em, and one of the presents was a card with $200 in it. ^.^ I'd told my mother that what I wanted for christmas/birthday was a good lamp, and she hadn't found any that looked quite right, so she just gave me money and said 'go pick out your own'.

We ended up at Walmart *twitch* where (and this is WHY we went there) instead of the one lamp I'd been expecting to get we purchased: two lamps, one a floor lamp and one built into a little end-table rising to floor lamp height, with two shelves and a drawer in the end table; one set of king-sized ubersoft fleece sheets including a normal sheet, a mattress cover (which we've been desperately needing a new one of), and two pillowcases; all three Riddick movies in a special boxed collection; a bunch of metal connectors and screw-in hooks that are coated with nonslip rubber; and a new pillow for me. Whee!

There's no way I could have gotten all of that into the car and back out again by myself, and Cate's joints are acting up enough that it would have been hard for her, so Orion and I stopped at Burgerville, brought home dinner, Orion unloaded the car with a bit of help from Cate, we ate, and then got him home in time to see his girlfriend. *smile* Worked out very well.

In other not-really-news-but-amuses-me, I have a lovely little fountain on my desktop. It's a trio of little tiny pots in reds and burnt oranges and browns, above a base of small pebbles, all of it inside a larger pot. It's quiet, beautiful, and very soothing. I like it muchly.

As far as I know, Cate and I don't have any incredibly specific plans tonight; tomorrow there's a political-type person going to be at our favorite little coffeeshop here in the Gresham area that Cate is interested in hearing, and we may be going out for lebanese food with Boots (my sister, for those of you who don't know/have forgotten the nickname), then on Friday we're going to go listen to people making a speech about a timeshare - NO, we are not buying one, don't be stupid, but they'll have free food and are extremely silly so we plan to go and mock them. Saturday, of course, is Rocky; I need to finish the design for Elliot's tattoo, get the rest of my fliers together, finish plucking my eyebrows (don't ask), and that's about it for Saturday.

*sigh* Oh... and Puppy? I'll be posting this message or a similar rewording of it with every post between now and Sunday morning. Either update your journal AND call me - not one or the other, not 'try to call and give up if you don't get me the first time' - or I'm done. I'm sick of feeling like I have to chase you, if I wanted an inattentive, disobedient, constantly-distracted pet there are a lot of them here in Portland, I certainly don't need one in another state. I know work keeps you busy. I also know it doesn't keep you THIS busy. You damn well could be calling me. If you can't even take the time to do two simple things, then yeah... I'm done.

Update your diaryland journal. Call me - and keep calling until you actually talk to me.

Oh, and unless the scooter gets here next week, you may as well return it, I'm not going to wait around for something I actually need, and after throwing my back out and fracturing it worse in the process I do NEED it, or I'm stuck at home.

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