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And here's where I begin.

I'm daydreaming, letting my mind wander. There are so many things I'm doing, so many projects and plans and people involved in my life right now, so much to remember... it's dizzying sometimes. So here, for my own sake, is where I'll put the memories.

Radu. When we speak next, it'll likely be for the last time for a LONG time.

Orion. Much as the name has a bad association with the asshole who is getting booted from the Rocky crowd, dammit, it suits the boy. I'll pick another if I have to, but I LIKE Orion.

Angel. Dun' forget about glass pens! Gods, it was good to have her up here, even just for a night, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can kidnap her on a weekend, so I can drag her into the good bed. ^.^ Cate needed to work today or I'd have done so this time.

Becca. Right now there is a Becca curled up in the uberbed - orthopedic foam mattress, heated mattress pad, soft furry sheets, flannel featherbed-like comforter, new pillow even - sleepin' with Cate, and having her over tonight was definitely awesome. I hadn't gotten to see her yet this year and was missing my Becca. I hope Ryan decides it'd be a good idea to come with her sometime soon, I miss hanging out with him.

Hamsters. We now have several of the escapees caught and caged or disposed of, and we've re-captured Origami, who seems to be healing up nicely.

Melee. Hehehe, Kadin, you're going to enjoy meeting Melee. I can safely say she will push almost all of your buttons, and in good ways. You definitely have to make it down here in April.

April! Torian, Kadin, Melee, Angel, Cate, Becca, Kimberly, Candice, Tammy, Daniel, and of course Myself. I think it is extremely likely that at some point in April ALL of these people will be in our house at the same time, and that will well and truly rock. People from all sorts of different friend-of-a-friend-of-a connections, chance meetings, old friends, and by April who knows, maybe other people will be on the list as well. If you've been considering coming to Portland this year, start thinking about April. *grin* I know I will be.

The house is gradually getting clean again - those of you who have seen our place and know about my mess field will appreciate how amazing this is. A couple more days and we'll be ready to bring in a steam-cleaner, and possibly paint one or more walls after that. Next project, the bedroom.

I'll be interested to see whether Orion's opinion of me is visibly changed tomorrow. Yesterday he was introduced to Angel, and ended up sitting up front in the car with Cate while she and I were... mmm... occupied, shall I say, in the back during the drive into Portland. I am fairly sure he'll just take it in stride and it won't make any change, but we'll have to see.

I actually feel somewhat sorry for Radu. Right now, he would be pretty much living out several of his more interesting fantasies if he were here. Melee is VERY nifty. The thing is... ehh. Distance, I guess. In December he sorta dropped off the map, and I haven't been able to pull him back. There was one night, but as I told him then, one night is a fluke.

I'm here. I know my hours are odd, but I'm honestly not that hard to get ahold of. If he wanted to be in touch, he would have been. Clearly, he doesn't. I've said from the beginning that he would be a lovely toy to use and throw away, and while I do have to admit I grew damned fond of him, it never changed the basic point of view. He's not worth chasing. *amused* He was useful, pleasurable, and now that I'm done with him I am quite sure he will be replaceable.

Financially, Cate and I are doing damned well. We just handed over a check for $13,000 to someone, and we're expecting to get some of it back even. Bills are paid, car is paid for, house is paid for, medical expenses covered, and we've even got some left over. It's a nice feeling.

I'm gonna go level my elf now. ^.^

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